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Bigg Boss 17 – Anurag Dobhal takes a U-turn on voluntary exit, is grateful for Bigg Boss

Anurag Dobhal told Vicky Jain that he would probably regret leaving Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17 – Anurag Dobhal takes a U-turn on voluntary exit, is grateful for Bigg Boss
Anurag Dobhal

Last Updated: 11.48 PM, Nov 28, 2023


Anurag Dobhal has taken a U-turn on his stance on making a voluntary exit. This happened after the nominations, which was dedicated to his love in life – bikes. The U-turn on his stance comes a day after Anurag’s brother also defended him through social media. Bigg Boss had challenged Anurag that it would be Anurag vs Bigg Boss now and Anurag had said ‘sure,’ thus accepting the challenge.

What changed Anurag’s mind?

Anurag, who is nominated for evictions for the whole season, got to enjoy his time on a bike since he entered the show. This happened during the nominations task. A bike was arranged for him to sit on while the task goes on. Anurag loved the task and accepted the same to Mannara soon.

Anurag is grateful for Bigg Boss 17

Anurag was heard discussing how grateful he is to still be a part of Bigg Boss 17. He told Vicky Jain that he would have left the show if Bigg Boss and paid the makers Rs. 2 crores or more if they had opened the doors for him, but he would have probably regretted his decision. Vicky then explained that in some matters, one just needs to give time because time is the best healer.

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Babu Bhaiya was heard talking to Mannara about how he feels. He opened up on how everybody is at their breaking point when it comes to the show. Of course, Anurag was referring to KhanZaadi, who also asked for a voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 17. Mannara then explained to Anurag that he should stop cribbing about what Bigg Boss did not give him and focus on what he got. Anurag confessed that he is done with that phase and will now do exactly that – be grateful for what he has. Of course, time will tell where does he go on the show from hereon.

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