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Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss plays a masterstroke; smartly prevents contestants from TALKING to the media!

Bigg Boss 17 saw Bigg Boss playing it real smart in order to prevent the contestants from talking to the media!

Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss plays a masterstroke; smartly prevents contestants from TALKING to the media!
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Last Updated: 12.39 AM, Nov 17, 2023


​Till now (till Bigg Boss 16), it was seen and heard that, Bigg Boss will be issuing orders, which needs to be followed by the contestants in order to be in the game. But, this year (Bigg Boss 17), the rules of the game have been slightly modified. This year onwards, Bigg Boss too will be participating in the game and will be openly showing his biases towards a few contestants. But, the masterstroke played by Bigg Boss today is totally unparalleled and praise worthy.

By now, everyone knows the rules of the game. What happens in the Bigg Boss arena, remains in the Bigg Boss arena… till the time the channel’s officials do not wish to share with the media. Today, in one such task, there was a slight doubt that the contestants may just flip and give out some detail while talking to the media, who had come in a bunch (paparazzi) to click their photographs.

Bigg Boss told the contestants that they need to get dressed up in their best clothes. The reason? Well, they had a Diwali party to attend, which was to be conducted within the premises of Bigg Boss 17 arena itself. After everyone got dressed, Bigg Boss announced that, the moment he calls out the names of the contestants, they need to come out and wave at the media.

It is here, where the fear loomed that the contestant may just give out any details of the show to the media people present. But it is here when Bigg Boss played a masterstroke. Bigg Boss instructed everyone (every contestant) to wear a ‘Do Not Talk’ band on their mouth before they stepped out to meet the media personnel. The media personnel (who were only photographers and not journalists) clicked the photographs of the contestants and walked away happily.

By inviting only the photographers, Bigg Boss ensured that there would be no question and answer session between the media and the contestants. Secondly, with the contestants wearing the ‘Do Not Talk’ band on their mouth, Bigg Boss furthermore sealed any possible loophole of communication with the media. Truly a masterstroke, dear Bigg Boss!

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