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Bigg Boss 17- Contestants are surprised and shocked to see THIS as their Christmas gift!

The makers of the show Bigg Boss 17 has managed to surprise the contestants with a super surprise gift to all the contestants

Bigg Boss 17- Contestants are surprised and shocked to see THIS as their Christmas gift!
Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss House

Last Updated: 05.34 PM, Dec 24, 2023


With the much-awaited festival of Christmas just a few hours away from now, everyone is in their element to be merry and jolly and welcome the Yuletide with happiness and joy. The makers of the ongoing personality-based reality show are just no different. 

Time and again, the show’s makers have ensured that they always surprise the participating contestants (who are presently inside the Bigg Boss 17 house competing for the grand prize) with something that they must not have even thought of or dreamt about. The Christmas gift that the show’s makers had got in store for the contestants is definitely a testimony to the same.

Bigg Boss sends a surprise huge Christmas gift!
As per a recent promo video, it is shown that the contestants are called to one common area, where it is announced that they will be getting a surprise Christmas gift, which is neatly packaged and decorated in tune with the mood of the festival. The moment the contestants open the surprise package, the gift is in the form of… hold your breath… Abdu Rozik, who is dressed in the costume of an absolutely adorable Sana Claus!

Is Abdu Rozik the surprise gift?
Then, in his unmistakable style, Abdu Rozik announces that, since Christmas is the season of exchange of gifts, he has got lots of gifts for the inmates. To begin with, he calls upon Ankita Lokhande and gifts her with a liquid bottle (which is presumably a perfume). Ankita, then, calls upon her ‘favorite dushman’ Abhishek Kumar and gifts him the bottle with a verbal caption that he has to use it before fighting with her.

Abdu Rozik gets ‘gifts’ for everyone
This is followed by Abdu Rozik calling upon Samarth Jurel and gifts him with a salt bottle that he wishes to apply on somebody’s wounds! Wasting no time, Samarth Jurel calls upon Abhishek Kumar (again) and sprinkles some salt on him! Abdu Rozik, on his part, tells Samarth Jurel to teach him Samrtah’s special horse-power and his stylish handshake. In no time, Abdu Rozik not just learns it from Samarth, but also aces it like a pro!

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