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Bigg Boss 17, Day 100 Written Update, 22nd Jan: Ankita Lokhande apologizes to Mannara Chopra post press conference

Vicky Jain got the tag of the 'red flag husband' during the Bigg Boss 17 press conference

Bigg Boss 17, Day 100 Written Update, 22nd Jan: Ankita Lokhande apologizes to Mannara Chopra post press conference
Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra fight before the media?

Last Updated: 12.03 AM, Jan 23, 2024


Ankita Lokhande apologized to Mannara Chopra for her behaviour. The actress has often stopped her husband Vicky Jain from talking to Mannara. Ankita accepted it as her own fault and apologized to Vicky as well as Mannara. This happened after the press conference where Ankita and Vicky realized what was happening in the outside world. Know everything that happened on day 100 of the show…


Ankita is seen interacting with Mannara about how Vicky doesn’t appreciate her or tell her he loves her. Mannara then says that she understands everything. Munawar tells Vicky about what is happening and the latter is happy that the two women are finally bonding.

Media rounds

Vicky agrees that he could be more polite to Ankita in approach. He is still upset with Abhishek for abusing and if he wins after a rule break, he feels that’s not a good example of the future. Munawar tells Vicky that he is human but not fake and thus, he made mistakes like him. Ankita felt that Vicky should not talk to Mannara because she could be teasing the couple. Mannara says Vicky and Isha-Samarth were with her at her lowest and thus, she will always respect them. Abhishek felt attached to Munawar because he was there for him at his lowest. During the session, Mannara lost her calm and fought with Ankita too. Mannara then says she would not talk to Vicky till the end of the show. That is when Vicky says it is the reason why he is friendless in real life too. Mannara and Munawar fight it out too, while Vicky goes down on his knees for Ankita. Vicky once again compares Ankita-Munawar when it comes to his topic with Mannara. Ankita says she’s upset with her husband for talking about Mannara more than her.

Ankita-Mannara after the conference

Ankita sorts things out with both Mannara and Vicky after the conference. Vicky jokes about the ‘red flag husband’ comment, as they both kiss each other’s hand. Mannara comes back and tries to clear things up but it gets loud between both her and Ankita. The latter then apologizes to Mannara as well. Vicky then tells Abhishek that he does not want to talk to Mannara ever again, especially after everything that has happened. Ankita apologizes to Mannara with a hug. The episodes end with Munawar and Abhishek poking fun at Ankita.

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