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Bigg Boss 17, Day 32 Written Update, 15th Nov: Ankita Lokhande fears she is pregnant, Mannara Chopra flirts with Abhishek Kumar in front of KhanZaadi

It was the day of nominations in the house too

Bigg Boss 17, Day 32 Written Update, 15th Nov: Ankita Lokhande fears she is pregnant, Mannara Chopra flirts with Abhishek Kumar in front of KhanZaadi
A quick recap of Bigg Boss 17's new episode.

Last Updated: 12.23 AM, Nov 16, 2023


Another day in the Bigg Boss 17 house brought a new day of drama and real emotions. There are currently two couples that the viewers have their eyes set on. One is the married couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, who people believe are toxic for one another. The other is Abhishek Kumar and KhanZaadi who are still unsure about where do they stand. Both these couples faced the test of time in the Bigg Boss 17 house on day 32. While Ankita took a pregnancy test and was stressed out about the same, KhanZaadi and Abhishek’s love was tested, courtesy Mannara Chopra. It was also the day of nominations. Find out everything that happened in the episode…


During nominations task, Munawar Faruqui picks Ankita Lokhande. So does Mannara Chopra. She also picks KhanZaadi. Ankita and Vicky pick Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma. Samarth picks Mannara. Isha picks KhanZaadi and Tehelka. Abhishek picks Ankita. Arun Srikant Mahashetty picks Ankita and KhanZaadi. Ankita, Tehelka and KhanZaadi are nominated for evictions but there’s more twist to the task. Tehelka picks Abhishek. Thus, Anurag, Ankita, Tehelka, KhanZaadi and Abhishek are nominated for evictions.

Abhishek irks Ankita again

After their fight, Abhishek was seen trying to poke Ankita again. She ended up calling him lallu to invoke a reaction.

Fight among dum house

Sana Raees Khan and the other dum ghar housemates corner Vicky Jain. Sana calls him coward too. Vicky discusses how he will deal with the matter, with Ankita.

Samarth vs Isha

Samarth and Isha have an argument again as Isha finds out that Samarth wanted her to nominate Abhishek Kumar. She puts her point across Samarth soon after.

Ankita’s mood swings after pregnancy test

Ankita wants to go home after having her pregnancy test. She has not got her periods and tries to talk to Vicky about the same. She now wants to go home because of the ride that is going on. Ankita was seen having fun, intimate moments with Vicky soon.

Chocolates in the house

Dil ghar get access to chocolates. They instantly started opening and eating it. Soon after, Mannara Chopra has fun in herself. Samarth, who tries to talk to Isha, was seen mimicking Ankita, who was in a conversation with Isha.

Mannara tries to make KhanZaadi jealous

Mannara tries to flirt with Abhishek. This leaves KhanZaadi upset. Abhishek, not even touching her, pushes Mannara away. Mannara asks Abhishek to flirt with her, making Abhishek laugh. KhanZaadi is upset and Abhishek tries his best to convince her. He then went against the rules and gave KhanZaadi chocolate to make up for what happened. The chocolates are then divided in the dum ghar. This leads to dil ghar members discussing what needs to be done.

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