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Bigg Boss 17, Day 42 Written Update, 25th Nov: Sunny Leone graces Salman Khan’s show, KhanZaadi wants to leave

Jigna Vora got evicted from Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, Day 42 Written Update, 25th Nov: Sunny Leone graces Salman Khan’s show, KhanZaadi wants to leave
Salman Khan loses his cool at KhanZaadi on Bigg Boss 17. (Image source: X)

Last Updated: 11.26 PM, Nov 25, 2023


The Weekend Ka Vaar was finally here on Bigg Boss 17. Sunny Leone was among the latest guests on Salman Khan’s show. Unfortunately though, during her time on the show, a drama unfolded. This, obviously, did not go down well with the host. It all began with KhanZaadi breaking down and yelling that she wants to leave the show. Know everything that happened, in detail…

Ankita vs Mannara

Ankita and Mannara’s fight continues. Ankita complains to Vicky that he is friends with her. She then cries in his arms and says she wants to go home. Mannara, meanwhile, discusses how she feels, with Sana. Ankita lashes out at Rinku for supporting Mannara.

Munawar on Anurag’s minor comment

Munawar confronts Anurag over the minor comment. This is the time when Anurag called Anjali Arora a minor and that Munawar was after her. Anurag denied that and said that Mannara said that Munawar’s current girlfriend could be a minor. Munawar walks away and seeing him alone, Mannara comes to talk to him too. Anurag joins them and they have a heart-to-heart.

Ankita-Vicky’s mothers in the house

The two go to Tiger’s Den. Ankita and Vicky get to see them and get emotional.

Orry in the house

Orry is finally in the Bigg Boss 17 house. He is here with a trolley luggage. He is a wild card contestant on the show.

Sunny Leone on the show

Sunny Leone and Abhishek Singh are on the show for their music video. Sunny loves Isha on the show. Isha-Samarth-Abhishek become the hot topic. Sunny, Salman and even Munawar mimic them. The boys do the pole dance. Neil, Samarth, Vicky, Munawar, Anurag, Tehelka, Abhishek and Arun go in the respective order.

New task

Arun picks on Abhishek, who picks Ankita. She picks Mannara and vice-versa. Tehelka also picks Abhishek and gets support from Salman. Sana picks Munawar, who picks Anurag and vice-versa. Aishwarya picks Vicky, who picks Samarth and vice-versa. KhanZaadi picks Abhishek and Rinku picks KhanZaadi. After being scolded by Salman, KhanZaadi cries and says that she wants to go back home. Salman gets irked with her behaviour and asks her to leave.


Salman announces Jigna Vora is evicted from the house. Meanwhile, KhanZaadi continues crying and saying that she wants to go back home. Meanwhile, Jigna cannot stop crying as she leaves the show. Munawar is also in tears seeing her leave. Mannara jokes that now Munawar will cook for people. She then cries without anybody noticing. After a lot of drama, she meets the doctor and accepts she is doing fine, health-wise.

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