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Bigg Boss 17, Day 50 Written Update, 3rd Dec: Mannara Chopra gives Munawar Faruqui a parting kiss

Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel also broke up in the Bigg Boss 17 house

Bigg Boss 17, Day 50 Written Update, 3rd Dec: Mannara Chopra gives Munawar Faruqui a parting kiss
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Last Updated: 11.36 PM, Dec 03, 2023


There is a lot of confusion in the house about many relations and a few of them include that between Sana Raees Khan-Vicky Jain and Mannara Chopra-Munawar Faruqui. The duos are so close that people have started calling them more than friends. Day 50 began with Munawar trying to clear the air about MunAra and ended with Mannara giving him a kiss on the cheek before parting ways to console KhanZaadi. Meanwhile, KhanZaadi and Isha had it out, after which Samarth and Isha had a breakup for at least a brief moment. Sohail and Arbaaz Khan brought some fun in between the madness. Know all about it…

Clearing the air

Sana clears the air with Ankita about Vicky Jain. Meanwhile, Ankita talks to Munawar about Mannara. Munawar approaches Vicky over the statement about ‘Munawar’s girlfriend.’ Mannara’s attitude irks Ankita again, who leaves and then breaks down to Vicky, stating she wishes to go home.

Neil vs Aishwarya again

Upset that she is constantly shown as the villain, Aishwarya asks Neil for space. She calls them different personalities and thus, they need their own identity on the show. She misses her husband’s personality on the show.

KhanZaadi vs Isha

Isha calls KhanZaadi doing a love track for footage. This leads to an argument between the two. Isha asks KhanZaadi to cry and go behind Abhishek. After the fight, KhanZaadi gives Abhishek a hug. The two get closer again since.

Samarth irked with Isha’s behaviour

Isha tries to flirt with Abhishek and seeing that, her boyfriend Samarth gets irked. The fight gets intense and Abhishek asks them to put a pause but they do not. Abhishek tries to take Samarth away and Isha stops Abhishek too. During Isha and KhanZaadi’s fight, Samarth comes in support of KhanZaadi, while Abhishek and Munawar try to explain to Isha how she could be going wrong. Abhishek explains how Samarth can take things the wrong way and while she understands, she refuses to act on it. Isha tells Samarth that Abhishek knows her better. This hurts Samarth and Abhishek tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Isha goes after Samarth despite his warning. This leads to their breakup. Samarth is however obsessed with her and cannot leave her no matter how hard he tries.


‘Chalaak lombdi’ Vicky calls Neil naaraaz nevla. The latter wins. Munawar calls Sana lazy squirrel. She is then made to dance with Ankita. Mannara calls Munawar cute rabbit. Isha, Samarth, Mannara and Sana are part of a task soon after. Samarth won the task.

Sana upset with rider

Sana has expressed she is upset with Anurag, to Mannara. Sana feels that UK 07 rider has many shades to him and he is not a person to be trusted. She does not like the fact that he is safe on the show currently and strongly expressed the same.

MunAra moment

Munawar and Mannara have a moment on the show. They lay on the grass and talk about life. That is when Rinku tells Mannara that KhanZaadi is heartbroken owing to a situation. Mannara leaves Munawar but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

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