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Bigg Boss 17, Day 64 Written Update, 17th Dec: Munawar Faruqui’s changed behaviour leaves housemates guessing

Aishwarya Sharma-Ankita Lokhande and Neil Bhatt-Vicky Jain also got into a dirty fight in the Bigg Boss 17 house

Bigg Boss 17, Day 64 Written Update, 17th Dec: Munawar Faruqui’s changed behaviour leaves housemates guessing

Last Updated: 11.48 PM, Dec 17, 2023


Munawar Faruqui has changed his attitude after getting a scolding from Salman Khan on Shanivaar Ka Vaar. The housemates took notice of that and were left guessing about what caused this change in his attitude. Meanwhile, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt once again got into a massive fight with Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain. Know everything that happened on day 64 in the house…

Aoora is Arun’s Korean Tehelka

Neil and Arun discuss how Aoora has become Arun’s Korean Tehelka. Neil suggests Arun to let Aoora roam free and they talk about how Vicky felt that Arun’s attitude was rubbing off on Aoora. Meanwhile, Anurag says that people have assumed that Munawar is a winner and do not have their own opinion.

Munawar’s behaviour

Munawar gets bossy and aggressive with people. This leads to the contestants feeling that he is under pressure. However, Munawar has other plans.

Mannara refuses to cook

After hearing Aishwarya’s update on her cooking, Mannara refuses to cook. However, she continues and gets commentary from Isha and Vicky.

Ankita upset with Vicky

Vicky gets friendly with Aishwarya. When Ankita enters the room, he tries to get romantic. Ankita gets furious on Vicky getting friendly with Aishwarya and walks away from him. Soon after, Aishwarya mimics Ankita in front of Abhishek and Anurag.

Munawar’s magic tricks for Aoora

Munawar tries to fool Aoora with magic tricks. He involves many house members in it.

Nazila’s mention

The housemates then see a gift for Munawar and feel it is from Nazila. Munawar reveals that she hates the word chill and teases her. Mannara then joins him alone.

Mannara breaks down

Mannara cries and then has a moment with Munawar. She gives him a flying kiss and then laughs at it. Munawar reveals he wasn’t one of the people she gave a flying kiss to previously.

New task

Aishwarya, Samarth, Vicky and Munawar have to pamper Isha, Rinku, Ankita and Mannara. The teams win chocolates and Abhishek steals it already.

Samarth and Munawar’s ramp walk

Samarth and Munawar practice ramp walk. They also do their famous welcome step while greeting one another.


While the contestants are in the garden area, Sohail and Arbaaz get in the kitchen area and houses. Ankita, Samarth, Isha and Mannara are selected for the task again. Mannara calls Abhishek boring, leaving Munawar confused. Samarth calls Ankita kaamchor and then changes the name to Isha. As Isha’s photo is with Abhishek, he keeps the photos at a distance, thus creating a fun moment. Isha feels Arun, Aishwarya and Rinku have the worst dressing sense. Aishwarya wins the title. Ankita names Aishwarya as someone who has no game. Those named have to use an aluminium mug for food and drinks.

Ankita vs Neil-Aishwarya

Neil fights on behalf of Aishwarya. The latter also gets into an argument with Ankita. When Vicky interferes and talks to Neil, Ankita stops him but Vicky continues. This leads to a loud argument between the men. Aishwarya charges at Vicky, abusing him. She then tries to intimidate Ankita and refuses to leave her side.

Big surprise for Munawar

Munawar gets called to the archives room. This is ahead of a big surprise/shock that will be unveiled in tomorrow’s episode.

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