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Bigg Boss 17, Day 69 Written Update, 22nd Dec: Mannara Chopra left confused as Munawar Faruqui gets closer to Ayesha Khan

Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel questioned Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan's equation on Bigg Boss 17 too

Bigg Boss 17, Day 69 Written Update, 22nd Dec: Mannara Chopra left confused as Munawar Faruqui gets closer to Ayesha Khan
Munawar Faruqui in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 11.54 PM, Dec 22, 2023


Bigg Boss is one house where equations change in less than a day’s time. Two people on Bigg Boss 17 have now left everyone extremely confused with their 360 degree change in less than a day. The two are Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan. Ayesha, who came to the house to defame Munawar, is now spending time with him, all the time. Mannara Chopra heard that her friend Munawar consulted Ayesha about his outfit almost immediately after her accusation. This has left her, much like other housemates including Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel, confused and feeling like they both are faking it in the house. Know in detail what happened on Salman Khan’s show on day 69…

Mannara breaks down

Mannara is seen crying over Munawar. When Bigg Boss asks her why she got emotional, she refuses that it is because of Munawar’s behaviour after Ayesha’s entry. She is confused because she was helping him do things for Nazila Sitaishi but he is now entertaining Ayesha Khan. While talking to Bigg Boss, she breaks down again. This leads to an argument between her and Munawar later. Munawar realizes that she is upset and discusses the same with Ayesha and later with Abhishek too.

Samarth vs housemates

People realize that Samarth has stolen from the captain’s room. Beginning from Abhishek, Isha, Munawar and Rinku call out Samarth. Abhishek further goes on to tell Samarth that the two are the only ones who fight the most. Isha and Abhishek are seeing crying after the situation. Isha also picks a fight with Abhishek over the kitchen issue.


Munawar is seen spending more time with Ayesha, day and night. They eat together and discuss matters of the house with one another like nothing was wrong between them ever. Munawar then decides he will stay away from her, only to go back to her. Neil even goes on to say that the two are in la la land.

Isha vs Ankita

Isha has an argument with Ankita over a misunderstanding. Samarth comes in between and starts a fight with Isha. She ends up crying in front of him and he calls her out for the same. This happened since she felt that Samarth did not like her captaincy. When Mannara gets involved, Isha gets more furious and walks out.

Abhishek accuses Vicky of charging at Ankita

Abhishek and Arun accuse Vicky of trying to hit his wife Ankita. Abhishek accuses him of the same loudly, thus leading to an argument between the two, while Ankita stays quiet. She eventually sorts things out with him.

Isha-Samarth-Mannara judge Munawar-Ayesha

Isha and Samarth talk to Mannara about how Munawar and Ayesha have been behaving with one another. He has been taking opinions on his dressing from Ayesha, a day after their intense argument. Mannara cannot believe that is the same Munawar she knew and Samarth calls them out for being fake.

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