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Bigg Boss 17, Day 97 Written Update, 19th Jan: Munawar leaves Ankita disappointed with brutal comment on Mannara-Vicky

It was the day where every Bigg Boss 17 contestant roasted the other

Bigg Boss 17, Day 97 Written Update, 19th Jan: Munawar leaves Ankita disappointed with brutal comment on Mannara-Vicky
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Last Updated: 11.57 PM, Jan 19, 2024


It was time for roast sessions on Bigg Boss 17, once again. This time, everybody upped their game. One person, who is already a pro at it, went above and beyond. That person is stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui. He ended up hurting Ankita Lokhande in the process. Munawar passed a brutal comment on Mannara Chopra and Vicky Jain. This left Ankita disappointed. Know all about the other roasts right here…


Vicky gets friendly with Mannara again. Seeing that, Ankita sits quiet in a corner. Isha goes to talk to her soon after. Upset, she expresses the same to him and her but differently. Vicky talks to Ayesha about the same.

Roasting sessions

The contestants have to write a script where they roast others. Krushna Abhishek joins them for the same with Sudesh Behri. The latter then got to roasting Mannara and Vicky.

Abhishek’s roasting

Abhishek’s first roast is for Vicky. The kambal incident is back. Arun is his next target and later, Abhishek talks about his friendship with Munawar and the common bond – a woman. Isha and Mannara’s roast makes the audiences root for Abhishek.

Vicky, Ayesha’s roasting

Arun is Vicky’s first target, followed by Munawar. Ayesha, too, finds target in Munawar. This is followed by calling Ankita insecure.

Isha’s roasting

Isha picks on Mannara. She says that Mannara got into the finale by holding Munawar’s pallu.

Arun’s roasting

Arun thanks Isha and Ayesha for live daily soap shooting in the house. He then picks on everyone for not being able to bond with Munawar, while taking a dig at the relationships in the house.

Ankita’s roasting

Ankita’s first target is Neil-Aishwarya, who are already evicted from the show. The actress then goes to Munawar and calls him dhakkan. Her next target is Abhishek, telling him that he would not talk about but to women.

Mannara next

Munawar is Mannara’s first target. Ayesha is next, for playing ‘games’ like chidiya udd and women card, justice card and romance card.

Munawar next

Munawar’s first target is Vicky, followed by Anurag Dobhal. He names Abhishek apart from talented people. He talks about Mannara’s real name Barbie and says Ankita wants to be the ‘only doll Vicky can play with.’ Ankita is left clearly upset after the comment. Munawar then tells Vicky ‘biwi ke naam pe hai.’ He calls Ayesha out too by saying he only writes about famous people. With that, the roasting sessions come to an end.


Ankita, Vicky, Ayesha or Isha will be evicted from Bigg Boss 17. The live audience will decide who goes out. With that, the episode concludes.

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