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Bigg Boss 17, Day 98 Written Update, 20th Jan: Ayesha Khan evicted, Shahid Kapoor-Kriti Sanon have fun with Salman Khan

Ankita Lokhande clarified her problems with Vicky Jain as well

Bigg Boss 17, Day 98 Written Update, 20th Jan: Ayesha Khan evicted, Shahid Kapoor-Kriti Sanon have fun with Salman Khan
Arun Mashetty behaves like Abhishek Kumar in front of Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon

Last Updated: 12.28 AM, Jan 21, 2024


Bigg Boss 17’s day 98 commenced with where the last episode ended – evictions. Ayesha Khan is out of Salman Khan’s show this week. One thing that caught people’s attention while Ayesha was leaving, were Ankita Lokhande’s tears. They were not particularly for Ayesha getting out of the house but because of the arguments between her and her husband Vicky Jain, owing to Mannara Chopra. Ankita clarified many things to Vicky and by the end of the episode, apologized to Mannara in her style. Oh, it was also time for Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon to be on the show. Know everything that happened over Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan…


Vicky, Ankita, Ayesha and Isha are nominated for evictions. The live audience will decide who goes out. Ayesha is evicted from the show.

Ankita vs Vicky

In the midst of that, Ankita tries to talk to Vicky about Mannara. He refuses to talk to her about it again, as Ankita asks Vicky if he would have a problem or not if she was linked with another guy. Vicky eventually clears that he wouldn’t react but if he does, then there will be rumours. Eventually, Ankita cries, tells Vicky she loves him and gives him a hug while explaining her feelings. She then tells Vicky she is not his doll, and asks him to keep peace for the day. Isha discusses the matter with Vicky and eventually Ankita. The latter tells Vicky that it is her problem in the Mannara matter because of a situation she has faced in the past and he’s nowhere at fault there.

Shahid-Kriti with Salman

Shahid hosts Bigg Boss 17 briefly. Soon, Salman makes Shahid dance on Agal Bagal with Kriti.

New task

Munawar plays Isha in new task. Ankita plays Vicky. Mannara plays Munawar. Isha plays Mannara. Arun is Abhishek. The latter is Ankita. Vicky plays Arun.

Family back

Salman tells the contestants that he will be taking to the contestants’ family members. He talks about the family members talking to the media and having stronger point of views. Abhishek is scared his mother might speak more than required. Vicky’s bhabhi Rishi Jain is the new member. Munawar and Arun’s family members could not attend the show due to prior commitments.

Isha picked on?

While talking to Abhishek’s mother, Salman talks about Isha and Abhishek. This leaves Isha emotional. The host tries to ask the mother personal matters and she leaves it on the ex-couple.

Vicky’s mother not on the show

Vicky’s bhabhi reveals that Vicky’s mother is not well and is fasting. This makes Salman question if she was on fast while talking to the press. The host tries to bring the topic of therapy room conversation. Salman points out how Vicky always wanted to be a part of the show. The host calls the family very conservative while the bhabhi says she’s very happy in the family and she’s a part of it for 15 years. Ankita’s mother defends them too saying that Ankita feels very loved when she goes to her in-laws’ place. Salman defends Ankita in front of the bhabhi. Ankita’s mother says Vicky will also get hurt when he knows the whole matter. Salman says that Vicky needs to take a stand because the husband and wife will fight because a mother and son cannot be separated. Salman bashes Vicky’s family, of how nobody knew them but now they do thanks to Vicky and Ankita’s relationship. He makes them realize that everybody else is poking Ankita’s mother-in-law and she needs to cut them off.


Salman asks clarity on MunMan from Mannara’s sister Mitali. She talks on Munawar and Vicky and how Mannara’s intentions are clear with both.


Vicky feels that things need to be corrected in the house, which is why there are after-effects in the real-life. Salman then goes on to reveal Isha’s statements for other contestants. Ankita is also called out for her recent behaviour, especially towards Mannara. He calls out Mannara as well and bids them goodbye. Isha then apologizes to Mannara. Ankita says she is the way she is and apologizes but walks away saying that Mannara can accept her apology or not.

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