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Bigg Boss 17- Ex contestant Soniya Bansal comes out in support of Abhishek Kumar

Soniya Bansal, who happens to be an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 17, took to social media to voice her opinion about the entire Abhishek Kumar episode

Bigg Boss 17- Ex contestant Soniya Bansal comes out in support of Abhishek Kumar
Soniya Bansal supports Abhishek Kumar

Last Updated: 06.26 PM, Jan 05, 2024


Those who have been religiously following the ongoing season of Bigg Boss 17 will agree with the fact that the entire 'Abhishek Kumar episode' has now snowballed into a discussion of sports. Besides the common man, there are also many celebs like Riteish Deshmukh and others who have come out in support of Abhishek Kumar through social media. The latest celeb to join those supporting Abhishek Kumar is actress and model Soniya Bansal, who also happens to be an ex-contestant of the Salman Khan hosted reality show.

Soniya Bansal joins the ‘support Abhishek Kumar club’
Today, Soniya Bansal took to social media and voiced her take on the entire Abhishek Kumar episode. She wrote, “Honestly speaking, whatever had happened in Bigg Boss was not at all ok. I really feel bad for Abhishek Kumar. Even though he had been getting angry quickly, he was open about his claustrophobia. It’s sad that some people don’t take conditions like claustrophobia seriously. Abhishek Kumar did not just randomly slap Samarth Jurel”.

Soniya looks upto Salman Khan for giving justice for Abhishek
Soniya added, “As for Samarth, he kept provoking him until he felt he had no choice. I personally think Samarth and Isha should apologise to Abhishek. Now, everyone’s looking to Salman Khan sir for fairness. I hope he does what is right and punishes those who deserve it”.

Abhishek Kumar out of Bigg Boss 17?
Even though it is not yet officially declared, but, there are strong rumours that Abhishek Kumar has now been evicted from Bigg Boss 17 on the grounds of physical abuse. Prior to Abhishek Kumar, even Tehelka bhai aka Sunny also had got evicted suddenly from the Bigg Boss 17 show on the same grounds. All the eyes are now being trained on Salman Khan and his much-awaited ‘Weekend kaa vaar’ in order to know in what way will he school Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya for poking and provoking Abhishek Kumar.

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