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Bigg Boss 17 – Fans witness MunAra moments in one day, Abhishek Kumar becomes Mannara Chopra’s cousin

From eye contact to completing the lyrics of a love song, Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra's subtle bonding got noticed by Bigg Boss 17 fans

Bigg Boss 17 – Fans witness MunAra moments in one day, Abhishek Kumar becomes Mannara Chopra’s cousin
Everythng that happened on Bigg Boss 17's day 1. (Image source: Twitter)

Last Updated: 11.58 PM, Jan 22, 2024


Fans have found many MunAra moments within a day. It actually happened when the two came together for a task on Bigg Boss 17. Munawar and Mannara were in the kitchen when they had their moments, back-to-back. Fans noticed these moments and shared them on social media. At the same time, Mannara developed an interesting bond with Abhishek Kumar, one of her cousin.

MunAra eye contact

Munawar helped Mannara out in the kitchen. While she made food, Munawar helped with the roti. The two even got into eye contact at one point and fans noticed the same. This happened after Mannara teased Abhishek and got in the room while Munawar tried talking to Ankita. Seeing her, Munawar also stopped and made eye contact.

Completing each other’s lyrics

Mannara started singing in the kitchen. She was crooning Dil Ka Kya Karoon from Ranbir Kapoor’s film Barfi and later, Mann Ki Lagan from John Abraham’s movie Paap. It was when she sang the latter, that Munawar also got in the groove and crooned, “Dil Tujhe Dhoonde.” He was away from where Mannara was working in the kitchen. While walking through Vicky Jain and Abhishek Kumar’s discussion, Munawar sang the verse from the song.

Abhishek is Mannara’s cousin

Munawar pointed out how Abhishek sided by Mannara twice and praised her twice too. “Teen din ka cousin,” Abhishek said to that. Munawar joked with Abhishek about how he has turned Mannara’s cousin now. They are calling him ‘teen din ka cousin’ because the grand finale of the show is close. It will take place on Sunday, January 28. Bigg Boss 17 grand finale will be available for streaming on Jio Cinema.

Abhishek-Munawar-Mannara bonding

Abhishek, Munawar and Mannara started bonding after Isha Malviya’s exit from the show. While Munawar and Abhishek are anyway friends, Mannara also finds a friend in Munawar and she even spoke about seeing Isha in top five, which Abhishek agreed to. That is how the trio bonded recently.

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