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Bigg Boss 17- Has Sana Raees Khan been ELIMINATED from the show? Here’s what we know

If the buzz is to be believed, then, the weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ will see Sana Raees Khan being eliminated from the show

Bigg Boss 17- Has Sana Raees Khan been ELIMINATED from the show? Here’s what we know
PC: Instagram of Sana Raees Khan

Last Updated: 09.33 PM, Dec 07, 2023


It all started off on October 15 this year, when the much-talked about personality-based reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ had got premiered. While the first few days went on smoothly for all the contestants, things started going uphill for them as the days passed by. The extremely unpredictable nature of these contestants, were subjected to further challenges in the form of tasks by Bigg Boss, which eventually results in getting the real personality of the individual.

Speaking of personalities, there is one contestant in the ongoing Bigg Boss 17 house, who has definitely surprised many by her versatility. It is none other than the criminal lawyer Sana Raees Khan! If the buzz is to be believed, then, this week will see Sana Raees Khan being evicted from the Bigg Boss 17 house!

Speculations about the eviction of Sana Raees Khan germinated from the cryptic clues posted by The Khabri on his social media handle. His first post stated, “OKAY BYBYE TATA, AB APNE PROFESSION ME WAPIS JANA HAI.... WAISE BHI YEH APNA KAAM THA NI. NOMINATE HOKE PHIR CONTENT DENA PADHTA THA #VickyJain ab ALAG hogye the”. The reason why Vicky Jain’s name got mentioned here was because of the hand-holding incident that took place between Sana Raees Khan and Vicky Jain, which was brought to notice by none other than Salman Khan in his weekly ‘Weekend Kaa Vaar’.

There was a second cryptic clue that ‘The Khabri’ had posted, in which he had written, “Who will roast #AnuragDobhal inside the house now?”. This was a direct indication of the frequent fights which used to take place between Anurag Dobhal and Sana Raees Khan! No sooner did ‘The Khabri’ posted these two cryptic posts, his message section were almost flooded with many netizens decoding the answer as Sana Raees Khan as the contestant to be eliminated in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17.

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