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Bigg Boss 17 – Isha Malviya skipped bath because she ‘spotted a dining table’?

When asked about the reason for not taking bath, Isha Malviya reasoned that she spotted a dining table!

Bigg Boss 17 – Isha Malviya skipped bath because she ‘spotted a dining table’?
PC: Screenshot from Jio Cinema

Last Updated: 09.35 PM, Dec 18, 2023


Bigg Boss 17 is not just home to many emotions like love, anger, ego, attitude and likes, it is also home to other contestants, who bring with them an array of different personalities. So far, the house has seen extreme happiness (when Salman Khan praises them and whenever there is an increase in the ration stuff as a ‘reward’) and also sadness (when the contestants get evicted). There are many participants in the show who are regarded as ‘lambi race ka ghoda’. One such contestant is Isha Malviya.

Speaking of Isha Malviya, strange it may sound, but the fact remains that she chose to give bath a skip because she saw a ‘dining table’! Well... let us break that for you. As per a recent promo released by the channel, it has Munawar Faruqui lying down on the green area, with Rinku Dhawan, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt and Abhishek Kumar alongside. Rinku, then, asks Isha that she had gone about one and a half hours back to take a bath. Isha, on her part, said that she had a change of plan and that’s why she did not take a bath.

As an explanation, Isha said that, after going inside the bathroom to take a bath, suddenly she spotted a dining table, on which there were kept roti and sabzi. And, seeing that, she got diverted! And then, she came out and ate her roti and sabzi. After that, she went inside the bathroom once again to take a bath. And then, when she went to the bathroom again, she glanced upon a roti and she came out and ate that!

And after that, as per Isha’s words, she went to the bedroom and slept. After saying that, she corrected herself, stating, she did not sleep, but was lying down, but, still the ‘sleep-alarm’ went abuzz. Isha continued stating that, after that, she came and was lying down on the green ground and maybe, now, she will take bath!

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