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Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra and Sana Raees Khan speak about them NOT crossing any boundaries when fighting with anyone!

In today’s episode, Mannara Chopra and Sana Raees Khan indulge in an extremely personal conversation

Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra and Sana Raees Khan speak about them NOT crossing any boundaries when fighting with anyone!
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Last Updated: 07.24 PM, Nov 13, 2023


With each passing day, Bigg Boss 17 is fast becoming a battleground of emotions, where every contestant is out to prove their innocence and also their supremacy at the same time. While on one hand, the ‘bigg boys’ of the house (Arun Srikanth Mashettey and Tehelka bhai) leave no stone unturned to prove their point over other contestants like Abhishek Kumar, on the other hand, there are female contestants like Khanzaadi, who will walk that extra mile to prove their point. Today’s episode will witness an intense conversation between two unlikely people to get indulged into. They are Mannara Chopra and Sana Raees Khan!

Mannara Chopra starts the conversation with Sana Raees Khan by saying that, “I talk to you also sometimes. But, even despite the misunderstandings, we never have spoken to anyone like that. You are also a girl; I am also a girl. We never cross our boundaries, especially when fighting with a girl”. That’s when Sana Raees Khan asks Mannara if she has ever seen her fighting with a girl and that she would not even cross paths with anyone. At the same time, even if she had to cross paths, she would do that with those people with whom she felt that they could match her wavelength.

Sana Raees Khan added that she could fight with Vicky (Jain) as she had that kind of wavelength with him. But, with anyone else, she would make that person understand, but will never bring that person to a fight. She also spoke about Ankita Lokhande by saying that she got that kind of feeling from her, who felt that, since she was with her husband, the house was theirs. At the same time, Sana Raees Khan also sternly tells Mannara Chopra that, if she (Ankita Lokhande) comes and does the same thing in her room, she would set her straight.

Sana Raees Khan also mentioned that the game was getting way too complicated as it consisted of individuals and couples and that everything was getting so much mixed up. To which, Mannara Chopra said that, according to her, Bigg Boss would make that person win the show who took all the right stands and had all the aspects right.

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