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Bigg Boss 17 - Mannara Chopra does not want Munawar Faruqui to win the show, calls him a 'hypocrite'

Mannara Chopra calls Munawar Faruqui a hypocrite and accuses him of having friendships only for selfish reasons.

Bigg Boss 17 - Mannara Chopra does not want Munawar Faruqui to win the show, calls him a 'hypocrite'

Stills from Bigg Boss 17. 

Last Updated: 01.22 PM, Jan 04, 2024


With barely a month left for Bigg Boss Season 17 Finale episode to be shot, contestants on the show are leaving no stone unturned to put their best foot forward. In the latest episode of the show, we saw Mannara Chopra being upset with Munawar Faruqui for eliminating her from the captaincy race. She feels Munawar was the mastermind behind her elimination. Today, in the upcoming episode, she will openly confess that she does not want Munawar Faruqui to win the show.

Mannara Chopra upset with Munawar Faruqui

As per the latest promo of the show, Mannara can be seen convincing other contestants on the show that Munawar Faruqui is a hypocrite and has friendships only for selfish reasons. She said this in front of Munawar as well, who chose to remain silent in response.

She said, “His followers on social media will watch how he stays in friendships and relationships. He is a hypocrite and a diplomatic person. I have a lot of hate for him. He is one of those who does not value the past and just moves forward in life with no regret. I don’t want him to win the show.”

Isha then added fuel to the heated conversation and recalled an incident during the captaincy task. Isha said that Munawar did not even say once that he wanted Mannara to be the captain. Frustrated by such comments, Munawar said, “Jiski main priority nahi hoon, who meri priority nahi hai. Khatam. (If I am not her priority, then she can’t be mine either. Full stop.)

Mannara lashed out at him and said, “Aapki zaroorat ki dostiyan hoti hai. (You have friendships only for selfish reasons.)”


More about Bigg Boss 17

Munawar Faruqui's Bigg Boss 17 journey seems to be tangled in cosmic complications. Initially, his speculated girlfriend Ayesha Khan joined as a wildcard contestant, and now, his camaraderie with Mannara Chopra appears strained. Amidst the captaincy chaos within the house, viewers can anticipate heightened tensions and heated arguments between Munawar and Mannara.

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