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Bigg Boss 17 - Netizens slam Isha Malviya for calling Mannara Chopra a 'two-timer', threatening to slap her

Social media users are agitated knowing about Isha Malviya’s threat to Mannara Chopra. Many users demand Isha Malviya to be thrown out of the show.

Bigg Boss 17 - Netizens slam Isha Malviya for calling Mannara Chopra a 'two-timer', threatening to slap her

Isha Malviya, Mannara Chopra engage in a heated argument on Bigg Boss Season 17. 

Last Updated: 03.36 PM, Jan 18, 2024


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 17, we saw Munawar Faruqui being protected by Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mahashetty against Ankita Lokhande, Isha Malviya, Vicky Jain and Ayesha Khan’s game plan. Munawar was protecting a packet of red chilli powder – which was an essential product for performing the nomination task. While Mannara, Arun and Abhishek tried their best to protect Munawar for the task, Isha allegedly slapped Mannara to access to the packet. This development has not gone down well among netizens.

In view of this development, Bigg Boss presented a choice to team A (Munawar, Mannara, Abhishek and Arun) - to either nominate team B (Ankita, Isha, Vicky, Ayesha) for the week or defeat team B within 28 minutes. Team A chose to nominate Team B, compelling Isha Malviya to threaten Mannara. Additionally, Isha even called Mannara a ‘two-timer’ explaining that she fell in love with Munawar and Samarth Jurel (Isha’s boyfriend) at the same time.


Bigg Boss 17 latest promo

The latest promo of Bigg Boss Season 17 shows Isha Malviya bad-mouthing Mannara Chopra for nominating her just 2 weeks before the finale. Isha angrily told Mannara, “Tereko ek rappad marungi main. Two timer kahinki. Munawar ki saath reh kar two-timer ban gayi hain. Ghulami kar kar ke pahuchi hai finale main. Nakli aurat. (I will slap you. You two-timer. You are a two-timer like Munawar. You are a slave of Team A. You reached the finale after being a slave of Team A. Fake person.)”

Mannara cried in response and wondered what was wrong with Isha Malviya and her tone of language.

Celebrities support Mannara Chopra

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actor, Pooja Bhatt, expressed her dissatisfaction with recent occurrences in the Bigg Boss Season 17 house. Taking to her Twitter account, she criticized Vicky Jain for labeling Mannara as 'cheap' due to perceived impropriety. Pooja also spared no criticism for Ankita Lokhande, excluding her from the list of contestants she believes deserves a spot in the show's finale.

Meera Chopra, Rajiv Adatia and other celebrities have also showered love on Mannara Chopra.

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