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Bigg Boss 17 - Salman Khan to bash Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurel for provoking Abhishek Kumar? Here's what we know

Salman Khan will be hosting Bigg Boss 17's Weekend Ka Vaar. The superstar is likely to slam Isha Malviya and her boyfriend Samarth Jurel.

Bigg Boss 17 - Salman Khan to bash Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurel for provoking Abhishek Kumar? Here's what we know
Isha Malviya, Salman Khan and Samarth Jurel. (Courtesy: Instagram/ Isha Malviya, Salman Khan and Samarth Jurel)

Last Updated: 10.38 PM, Jan 05, 2024


Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for over 10 seasons now. The superstar takes up the role of a host on Weekend Ka Vaar. And he has done the same for Bigg Boss 17. In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman will be seen addressing Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurel's matter with Abhishek Kumar. This week, Isha and Samarth poked Abhishek and made fun of his mental health. According to a Bigg Boss 17 fan club, Salman has reportedly slammed the television couple.

Salman Khan to bash Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurel?

As per the BB 17 fan club, Salman Khan apparently bashed Samarth Jurel for his behaviour towards Abhishek Kumar. Besides Samarth, the superstar also slammed Isha for constantly provoking the Udaariyaan actor along with her boyfriend. While Salman schooled the couple, the Bollywood superstar supported Abhishek in this entire matter. 


Abhishek Kumar eliminated from Bigg Boss 17

While the aforementioned thing will take place on Weekend Ka Vaar, Abhishek Kumar has been eliminated from the reality show. The actor had slapped Samarth Jurel after he forcefully tried to put tissue paper in Abhishek's mouth.

Following that, Samarth was shocked for a moment. The latest promo of the reality show features Bigg Boss announcing Abhishek's ouster from Bigg Boss 17. However, the announcement was made after Ankita Lokhande decided to evict Abhishek as he violated the BB 17 house rule.

Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel on Bigg Boss 17

Meanwhile, Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel's journey on Bigg Boss 17 has been full of ups and downs. While Isha participated since day one, Samarth entered as a wild card contestant. The couple has had their own set of arguments and disagreements on the reality show. On the other hand, after Samarth entered the show, Abhishek had a major emotional breakdown. Later, things changed for the worse between the three of them.

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