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Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan to school Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive behaviour? Here’s what we know

The upcoming weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ will see Salman Khan schooling Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive behaviour

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan to school Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive behaviour? Here’s what we know
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Last Updated: 11.06 PM, Dec 07, 2023


With each passing day, the storyline of Bigg Boss 17 is only getting more and more interesting and murkier. Amidst the love and hate relations that prevail between the contestants, there prevails sagas of friendships, brotherhood and other relations and realisations. Even though one cannot single out any one particular contestant for their aggressive behaviour on the show, there is someone who, kind of tops the list for his aggressive behaviour. He is none other than Abhishek Kumar.

If the tweet by The Khabri is to be believed, then, the upcoming episode of the Salman Khan hosted Weekend Kaa Vaar will see the host bashing Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive behaviour on the show. the said tweet also mentioned that Salman Khan will be heard telling Abhishek Kumar, “Maine kitni baar samjhaya hain, pyaar se aur dant kar bhi lekin aap nahi samjhate. Ye aapka aggressive behavior aapke liye thik nahi hain, naa hi personal life aur naa hi professional life” (I have advised you many times about your aggressive behaviour. This aggressive behaviour of yours will do you no good, in both your personal life and professional life).

Salman Khan also reportedly tells Abhishek Kumar “Aap aggression mein bahot kuch galat bol jaate ho, chahe samne ladka ho ya ladki. Aap wo ek daayra cross kar jaate ho”(You land up blabbering anything in your aggression. You don’t even bother to see whether the opposite person is a male or a female). 

Saying this, Salman Khan also reportedly shows the housemates all the clips right from the start of the season. The said clip, which Salman Khan will be showing on the show, will have Abhishek Kumar’s entry on the show and the time when he had charged aggressively towards the contestants. Will all of this mellow down Abhishek Kumar’s aggressive natures is what remains to be seen.

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