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Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan bashes Abhishek Kumar for THIS reason

One can easily guess why Salman Khan would have scolded Abhishek Kumar during the Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan bashes Abhishek Kumar for THIS reason
Abhishek Kumar gets warned by Bigg Boss. (Image source: Instagram/ Abhishek Kumar)

Last Updated: 11.02 PM, Dec 22, 2023


Salman Khan has called out Abhishek Kumar once again during the Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode. This is the first week where the host will come on the show for Weekend Ka Vaar rather than Shukravaar Ka Vaar and Shanivaar Ka Vaar. One of his targets tomorrow is Abhishek. This comes as no surprise and is nothing new either.

Why did Salman bash Abhishek this time?

This time, Salman Khan has scolded Abhishek for his fight with Ankita Lokhande. The host called Abhishek out for being aggressive with her during their kitchen fight. He also recalled how Abhishek charged at her and sided by Vicky Jain’s behaviour in the moment.

Not the first time

Abhishek has received a warning week-after-week. He is often called out for his aggressive behaviour by the housemates and the host. Salman has even scolded the contestants for giving Abhishek more attention when he behaves in an aggressive manner.

Abhishek’s aggression nothing new either

Everybody in the house is aware about how Abhishek fights. Among many, Munawar Faruqui has also reminded Abhishek about how he gets when he starts a tiff. Despite being aware about his level of aggression, Abhishek has not shown any positive changes in his behaviour. He often attributes his extreme emotions to having his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya in the same house. In fact, Abhishek has picked most fights with Isha too. It has now gone on to Samarth and Abhishek picking fights with one another in the pretext of protecting Isha. A similar incident happened not too long ago on the show.

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