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Bigg Boss 17: Who is Arun Srikanth Mahashetty’s wife? All you need to know about her

Arun Srikanth revealed details about his personal life on Bigg Boss 17 recently

Bigg Boss 17: Who is Arun Srikanth Mahashetty’s wife? All you need to know about her
Bigg Boss 17 - Arun Srikanth

Last Updated: 12.01 AM, Oct 31, 2023


One topic got popular in the Bigg Boss 17 house recently. The topic was about Arun Srikanth Mahashetty’s wife. He spilled some details about her which left the contestants and viewers curious. The YouTuber revealed details of his personal life, while stating why he behaves the way he does. We did some digging and here’s everything we found out about Arun’s wife, Malak Mahashetty.

What Arun said on Bigg Boss 17

In a segment from the recent Bigg Boss 17 episode, Arun asked Sana Raees Khan to stay away from him. Curious, she asked him why does he ask every woman to talk to him from a distance. That is when Arun started spilling details about his personal life. He revealed that he has a wife who is a lawyer from Paris and a kid who looks extremely beautiful.

Are the details about Malak true?

Yes, Malak was born in Paris. She and Arun got married on March 15, 2021 and ever since, she has been living with him and his parents in Hyderabad. The couple was blessed with a daughter soon after and they named her Jury. Much like Arun, Malak too is a TikTok star. The couple also post videos of them talking to people from different countries. They are also known for posting funny content on their social media platforms.

About Arun

Arun is a popular YouTuber who runs the channel, Achanak Bayanak Gaming. As the name suggests, he streams games and does live commentaries on them. Bigg Boss 17 is Arun’s first stint in the reality TV world as well as the Hindi film industry.

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