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Bigg Boss 17- Will Munawar Faruqui punish Ankita Lokhande for THIS mistake?

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 will witness Bigg Boss grating the authority to Munawar Faruqui for punishing Ankita Lokhande

Bigg Boss 17- Will Munawar Faruqui punish Ankita Lokhande for THIS mistake?
Munawar Faruqui, Ankita Lokhande in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 09.56 PM, Dec 13, 2023


The present season of Bigg Boss never fails to make news. Be it for the right reason or for not-so-right reason. This season of the personality-based reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ is definitely one of the most interesting seasons of all time. The upcoming episode of the show will see a ‘mad race’ amongst the contestants to be the captain of the house. The episode will also see Bigg Boss granting special authority to Munawar Faruqui for punishing her!

Bigg Boss grants authority to Munawar Faruqui

As per a latest tweet by the ever-reliable The Khabri, it has been posted that, “#BiggBoss has granted #MunawarFaruqui the authority to punish #AnkitaLokhande. The incident occurred when a doctor entered the house to assess #Ankita, attempting to gather information about the outside world. Munawar was shown a clip of the interaction and given the right to decide”. In other words, when the doctor had come to examine Ankita Lokhande’s health, she had tried to see information about the response to their performances from outside (the audiences), which is strictly against the rules of the Bigg Boss house, across all the seasons till date.

Munawar Faruqui the new captain

For the unversed, when the announcement was made about the race to captaincy, all the contestants wrote their nominations for that person who they thought did not deserve to be the captain. After the entire churning out process, the one who emerged as the ultimate winner was Munawar Faruqui, who got crowned as the Bigg Boss house’s new captain.

Munawar Faruqui's special task

Speaking of Munawar Faruqui, his latest task, as assigned by Bigg Boss, was to sell tickets to his stand-up show to his fellow contestants, who were, in turn, lured by Bigg Boss with ‘super-luxury’ items. The task for Munawar Faruqui was to convince them all to buy tickets for his stand-up concert and say no to the luxury food. The ultimate result was that, while the majority of Munawar Faruqui’s fellow contestants did render their support to him by buying the tickets, there were a few like Aishwarya Sharma who chose to purchase luxury items!

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