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Bigg Boss Kannada 10 - The promo was true; Tanisha Kuppanda goes home

There was a mid-week elimination on day 102 of Bigg Boss Kannada, after all

Bigg Boss Kannada 10 - The promo was true; Tanisha Kuppanda goes home
Tanisha Kuppanda has been evicted

Last Updated: 11.30 PM, Jan 18, 2024


Earlier on January 18, Colors Kannada had revealed the promo of the Bigg Boss Kannada 10 episode slated to be telecast at 9.30 pm. According to the promo, there was a mid-week elimination on Day 102 of the show and that Tanisha Kuppanda’s journey was coming to an end. While fans were shocked at the promo and thought that Tanisha deserved better, as well as a spot in the top 5 contestants, the fact that they had openly stated she was being sent home was seen as a possibility that she’d survived the eviction, after all.

When the time came for the eviction, Bigg Boss got the contestants yet again to nominate a fellow house mate who does not deserve to be in the final 5. Interestingly, Namrata Gowda’s name was the most widely nominated, but she managed to survive the eviction, as also did Sangeetha Sringeri, Drone Pratap, Varthur Santosh, Vinay Gowda, Tukali Santhosh and Karthik Mahesh. Tanisha was the evicted contestant as seen in the promo, which she did not expect at all.

Once it became clear that Bigg Boss’ decision was final, Tanisha got all teary-eyed, as she did not have enough time to ‘repair’ her image and game plan and was leaving at a low point in her journey on the show. But what seemed to have hurt her the most is that while she had been nominated for elimination earlier, the one time that Karthik Mahesh named her, she actually got evicted.

With only days left before the Bigg Boss Kannada grand finale, two more contestants will be sent home shortly. It is expected that on January 20, there will be a double eviction, with the grand finale then to be held on January 28, or, latest on February 4. The speculation is that this season will have a female winner and with only Namrata and Sangeetha remaining, the latter is said to be the frontrunner to walk away with the title. Drone Pratap is said to be the runner-up, although several fans remain confident of a resurgence by Karthik and Vinay in the popularity charts.

This weekend’s double elimination is likely to be Tukali Santhosh and Varthur Santhosh or Tukali and Namrata Gowda.

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