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Bigg Boss Kannada 10’s Michael Ajay says audiences are not voting for the right reasons

Thought to be one of the top contenders for the finale week, Michael missed out on that opportunity and here's why he thinks that happened

Bigg Boss Kannada 10’s Michael Ajay says audiences are not voting for the right reasons
Michael Ajay opens up on why he missed out on making it to the top 5

Last Updated: 02.57 PM, Jan 10, 2024


When model and former Roadies contestant Michael Ajay went into the Bigg Boss Kannada house for the milestone 10th season, no one thought that he’d survive very long on the show. The Bengaluru-bred Indo-Nigerian was not very fluent in Kannada and was not known to audiences, unlike most of the other contestants. Michael definitely started off with a disadvantage, but he took that in his stride and worked his way around, managing to eventually stay in the house for 92 days before being eliminated last weekend.


One of the most outspoken contestants of the season, Michael has continued this since coming out of the house also. In his media interactions since his elimination, Michael has pointed out certain observations he has made about the perception that audiences have about certain contestants. The voting pattern, he said, was wrong. Audiences are not voting for the right reasons, he reckoned. For a while now, Michael was widely seen as a contender for the top 5 contestants of the season, but he missed out that because of how audiences have been voting. Explaining the same, he said that people have not been voting for the contestants who are actually putting up tough competition inside the house and are instead favouring those who are thriving on the sympathy card or some such. This, says Michael, is what he understood upon leaving the house, adding that his focus was on doing the tasks well and not creating an image for himself.

Having said this, though, he adds that the fact that he was able to stay on for another 6-7 weeks after he was saved by host Kiccha Sudeep, is proof that he has won the hearts of people, which he is grateful for. He did, however, acknowledge that there was a perceivable attitude change in him over the course of his stint in the house. Initially, hardly anyone spoke to him much or caused him any problems, but as the days wore on, and he began to be targeted in certain conversations, he decided to defend himself and not take it lying down, which may have been perceived as ‘attitude’.

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