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Bigg Boss Kannada 10 winner is Karthik Mahesh after all

When Karthik Mahesh and Drone Pratap were the last two standing among the Bigg Boss Kannada 10 finalists it became crystal clear who’d walk away with the title.

Bigg Boss Kannada 10 winner is Karthik Mahesh after all
Karthik Mahesh is the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 10

Last Updated: 12.24 AM, Jan 29, 2024


It is not a result that most audiences were expecting! Even former Bigg Boss Kannada contestants thought the top 2 would include Vinay Gowda, Sangeetha Sringeri or Karthik Mahesh. Drone Pratap was definitely not a top 2 contestant, thought most of them. And yet, part 2 of the grand finale saw exactly that unfold. Sangeetha was evicted as second runner-up, leaving Pratap and Karthik as the top 2.

The top 6 contestants who had made it to the final had a cumulative vote count of over 10 crore, but the winner, said Sudeep, had a whopping 2,97,39,904 votes to his credit. And that winner was Karthik. Pratap, who emerged the first runner-up also had over 2 crore votes in his kitty. The win, said Karthik, was the culmination of years of struggle.

Asked what he would do with the winner’s cheque, if he emerges victor, Karthik said that he will construct a temple for his mother. The winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 receives a Rs 50 lakh bumper prize from Confident Group, a brand new Maruti Brezza, among others.

Kiccha Sudeep with the top two finalists
Kiccha Sudeep with the top two finalists

Incidentally, Karthik was one of the last contestants to be sent into the house. In fact, the Dollu actor was approached to be a part of the show with only a day to go for its start and it was a very last minute decision to head into the house. Although Karthik had a dedicated fan following, and was thought to be a definite shoo in into the finale, a win came as a surprise to many.

Karthik’s journey in the house had a lot of ups and downs. The actor began with a close relationship with fellow finalist Sangeetha, but went from being inseparable to barely talking to each other. House mates often called him out for not taking stands on certain issues in the house.

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