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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 18, 2023 Written Update: Gopika is upset with Sagar and Junaiz

Bigg Boss tweaks the Chakravyuh task rules, and chaos erupts. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 18, 2023 Written Update: Gopika is upset with Sagar and Junaiz

Last Updated: 10.33 AM, Apr 19, 2023


The housemates compliment Gopika on her cooking skills and the way she creatively used the ingredients. Then the conversation turns and Gopika is told the importance of being a part of the team. She apologises.

Reneesha and Cerena discuss Sagar, and wonder whether his closeness towards them, especially Cerena, is a love strategy. Cerena says that she observed Sagar being very close with Lachu in the morning. Reneesha says that she felt Cerena and Sagar make for a good match. Cerena says that when it came to Bigg Boss Malayalam, everything that happened after season one was nothing but strategy, played by people who learnt the game. Reneesha warns Cerena to make sure that nothing she does affects the way people view her outside. Cerena says that she feels like Sagar is looking to create close relationships with a number of people.

Gopika discusses what happened in the morning with Sagar, Junaiz, Cerena and Gopika. Sagar says that she shouldn't play the game with him. Gopika soon becomes upset with what Sagar and Junaiz said, and cries. Gopika refuses to discuss the same with the kitchen team, and cries and leaves. Lachu tries to comfort her.

Sagar and Junaiz still consider all of this to be a part of Gopika’s game plan. Lachu questions Sagar, Junaiz and Cerena about what went down with Gopika. Shiju also tries to comfort Gopika. Sobha, and Lachu discuss the happenings with the kitchen team.

The Chakravyuh task starts yet again, and this time Bigg Boss tweaks the rules a bit to include a time limit for the discussions. After the first round, no one is eliminated, and for the second, Maneesha is called into the game yet again. Junaiz calls out Gopika for taking his name. Gopika refuses to accept this.

Sobha also enters the ring yet again and the discussions start yet again. Junaiz and Sagar try to discuss with Gopika yet again. Sagar and Junaiz express their wish to exit the Chakravyuh after being upset with the proceedings. Bigg Boss soon declares that as its clear that the housemates will not be able to complete the task in time, the nomination free card challenge was revoked.

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