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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 22, 2023 Written Update: Junaiz is in top form

Nadira is asked to narrate her life story.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 22, 2023 Written Update: Junaiz is in top form

Last Updated: 07.01 AM, Apr 23, 2023


All of the housemates camp out in the activity area to guard the Manikyakallu. Junaiz asks Sagar if he’ll help the former to get the Manikyakallu. They discuss a plan whereby they can distract the housemates so that Junaiz can get the stone.

Akhil jokes around with Sobha and asks her not to be upset with him. Akhil then monkeys around and takes his pants off and wears a lungi instead. He throws his pants down onto the pedestal with the Manikyakallu, and Devu throws the pants into the pool. Akhil then throws around some clothes into the pool thinking it is Devu’s, but some of them turns out to be Sobha’s. Akhil then takes and hangs Sobha’s clothes up.

Aniyan, Vishnu and Akhil discuss and scheme on how to take the stone. The trio drape a blanket over themselves and try to take the stone, but it does not pan out the way they hope. Vishnu takes the stone using a handkerchief, and loses it.

Many of the housemates spend the night guarding the stone. In the morning, Junaiz steals the stone and runs to the bathroom. Nadira pursues him. Reneesha and Anjuz claim that they saw Junaiz take the stone. The latter then hides the stone in his jacket and lies on his bed while the rest of the housemates try to take it from him.

Junaiz is called into the confession room and asked to keep the rock back. He is given a letter to read out, where in the housemates are allowed to be in teams and the supreme also gives them a number of ‘dummy’ stones as well. The rule is that if one takes the stone, they have to put the dummy stone in its place.

When Sagar sits on the stone, Akhil drags the stone away from him. Shiju also does the same to Junaiz as well. Akhil sits on the stone. Bigg Boss calls the housemates into the living room to explain the rules one more time.

Sagar and Akhil have a huge fight and the two use harsh words. Sobha and Lachu also have a row when the two try to place two dummy stones in the same place. Lachu says that Sobha hit her hand.

Devu becomes upset with Shiju for making fun of her. Nadira is asked to narrate her life story next.

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