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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 March 30, 2023 Written Update: The housemates fight it out for luxury items

Angeline and Rinosh were chosen as the first two housemates to enter the Bigg Boss jail.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 March 30, 2023 Written Update: The housemates fight it out for luxury items

Last Updated: 01.38 PM, Mar 31, 2023


Maneesha and Shiju discuss Midhun, and the latter is impressed with his performance in the last task. Bigg Boss announces a morning task for the housemates, in which some of them will be given an opportunity to showcase their acting skills. Shiju, Maneesha, and Reneesha are asked to present all that went on in the Bigg Boss house in the form of a serial.

The announcement mentions that Vishnu, Gopika, Anjuz, Akhil, Angeline, Rinosh, Reneesha, Aishwarya and Midhun are nominated for evictions this week, and that Nadira, Junaiz, Sobha, Maneesha, Sruthi, Shiju, Sagar, Cerena and Sreedevi are safe. Sreedevi is declared the original contestant of the day. The announcement also gave a comprehensive account of all that happened over the course of the past few days.

Shiju, Maneesha and Reneesha present a skit in front of the other housemates, mimicking most of the contestants. Bigg Boss then asks the housemates to name the two people whom they think are the weakest contestants in the house, and reveals that the people with the most votes will be sent to the Bigg Boss house jail. Sreedevi chooses Angeline and Gopika, Vishnu chooses Sree Devi and Rinosh, Midhun chooses Cerena and Sagar, Junaiz chooses Rinosh and Lachu, Anjuz chooses Rinosh and Gopika, Sagar chooses Sreedevi and Rinosh, Cerena chooses Rinosh and Angeline, Shiju chooses Rinosh and Sagar, Sobha chooses Rinosh and Angeline, Reneesha chooses Rinosh and Angeline, Akhil chooses Rinosh and Sagar, Rinosh chooses himself and Vishnu, Lachu chooses Rinosh and Angeline, Gopika chooses Sreedevi and Angeline, Nadira chooses Rinosh, Sruthi chooses Gopika and Rinosh, Maneesha chooses Sreedevi and Sagar, Angeline chooses Sreedevi and Gopika. In the end Rinosh and Angeline are selected to be the first people who are to enter the jail.

Bigg Boss then moves on to announce the tasks which are to be played for obtaining a luxury budget. The housemates were presented with a number of colourful and chaotic tasks similar to carnival games. At the end of the series of vibrant games, Junaiz, Gopika, and Midhun obtained points. Bigg Boss called the names of the contestants and each of them were given 30 seconds to select luxury items according to the points they had with them. Junaiz chose pappads, Gopika could not choose anything, while Midhun got ghee and sambar powder.

Rinosh treated the housemates to a rendition of his song ‘Im a Mallu’.

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