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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Mohanlal questions Jasmin and Gabri’s relationship after other contestants lash out at the duo

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 host Mohanlal is seen questioning Jasmin Jafar and Gabri’s relationship, in the latest promo of the show. The other contestants also lashed out at the duo.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Mohanlal questions Jasmin and Gabri’s relationship after other contestants lash out at the duo
Jasmin, Mohanlal, Gabri in the new Bigg Boss Malayalam 6

Last Updated: 10.53 PM, Mar 23, 2024


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, the reality show hosted by Mohanlal is now getting interesting with each passing day, after its slow start. The show has made a mark among the audiences with its strong contestants and as usual, some controversies. Jasmin Jafar and Gabri Jose, the two popular contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 have been hinting at a possible romance angle on the show, with their closeness.

However, the co-contestants and the audience are equally irked by the duo’s budding romance, which seems fake. At a recent BBMS6 promo which is now going viral on social media, host Mohanlal is seen questioning Jasmin and Gabri’s relationship, after the other housemates lashed out at the duo and made some serious allegations.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 – Mohanlal questions Jasmin, Gabri’s relationship


In the latest promo of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6, host Mohanlal is seen asking the other contestants whether they think Jasmin and Gabri are playing the game as a couple. Apsara, the captain, confirmed the same and stated that it is hard to decide if she should talk to Jasmin Jaffar or Gabri Jose if she must tell them something. Arjun Syam Gopan, the former captain, stated that both the contestants are behaving as if they are in a resort for a vacation.

Next, Sijo Jose, who began by saying that he is not against friendships in the house, stated that Jasmin and Gabri always sit together in some corner. Yamuna Rani confirmed that the duo is indeed playing the game together. Asi Rocky feels that Jasmin and Gabri are untrustworthy, and they have no stand of their own. Ansiba Hassan, however, lashed out at the duo and stated that they were forgetting their manners and crossing the line on a public platform.

Mohanlal, who patiently listened to all the opinions of other contestants, is seen questioning both Jasmin and Gabri about their relationship. The superstar host asked why the fellow contestants were not happy about their bond. Gabri Jose looked shocked at the allegations thrown at them, while Jasmin Jaffar seemed quite enraged with all the questioning. Meanwhile, it has been speculated that Jasmin might quit the show soon, as her father has been hospitalised.

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