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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Jad Hadid played the victim card to his benefit, EXPLODES Jiya Shankar | EXCLUSIVE

Jiya Shankar revealed as to how Jad Hadid played the victim card to his benefit, in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Jad Hadid played the victim card to his benefit, EXPLODES Jiya Shankar | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 12.46 PM, Aug 13, 2023


She is young, she is sassy, she is beautiful and talented. Many called her ‘dumb’, but there were others who were dumbstruck at her gracious demeanour. Ladies and gentlemen, we are indeed talking about the one and only Jiya Shankar, who was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay, wherein she spoke about her journey inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, her take on relationships and friendships and much, much more.

So, it’s over to you, Jiya!

To start with, how are you feeling right now? Sense of fulfilment of having participated in India’s biggest reality show or the feeling of so near yet so far?

I definitely feel gratitude towards my journey. I am extremely grateful towards the entire journey of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. It was a beautiful journey that had a lot of lots of ups and downs. But in the end, I'm just grateful that I don't regret anything about that show. Except for the part that the ‘water thing’ that happened I wish I would not have done that. But even if I did that, I have learnt a lot. How easily Elvish forgave me, so did his father. In fact, he (his father) even said that I am like his daughter. (smiles).

Did you feel bad about losing the gold or feeling good about winning the silver?
Of course I won gold. I don't think I got silver. And that gold is the people's love for me. The amount of love that I'm receiving now… it's beautiful and also beyond beautiful. There were times when people hated me when I was wrong too. But later on, when they saw things that others were doing behind my back, they understood my side of the story.

Who do you think is/ are responsible for your elimination?
It was clearly the situations and the circumstances.

What’s your take on the victim card? And who in the house plays the victim card as their trump card?
Jad Hadid! He played the victim card to his benefit. During the nominations, I was very clear about whatever I said while I nominated Avinash. But, when he came out, he twisted my words and said, “What a good father. Not what a great father figure. He said that I was lying. I lied. I'm fake. I'm a liar. I'm a snake. What not? He used to cry outside and poison everyone’s ears. He even said that I told him ‘What a great father…’ and he nodded. Can Jad or anyone tell me or show me where the said footage is? He went outside and started talking rubbish about me by twisting my words as per his convenience.

But you could have brought this up before Salman Khan and his ‘Weeknd Kaa Waar’?
The whole world has seen this. I just wanted Jad Hadid to realise on his own. And I am sure that, now, Jad will see this and realise what went wrong.

After seeing real, fake, opportunity-based friendships, enmity, backstabbing and many such emotions inside the house, is your faith in humanity still intact?
I have been through a lot while I was inside the house. People have misunderstood me, or I gave them a lot of chances to do that. I could also call it my bad luck that I didn't find a single good relationship in the house. Maybe towards the end I did, the one with Elvish. That’s the only purest bond that I have. Whatever it is, I have realized that whatever relationship or the tag that you want to give, don't just give it. It'll happen on its own. Let time decide. It will happen organically. That’s what I learned from that house.

Now that you are out of the house, will you do an introspection of sorts to realise where have you gone wrong?
Yes, of course!

And, in case you get an offer to go for the main format of Bigg Boss, can we get to see Jiya’s 2.0 version?
Yes. It’s a mental show. I would even watch the old seasons of the show. And when I would go, I would ‘PLAY’ the game and also use my heart. Because, that’s who I am. I will be smarter enough to judge people and end any relationship.

What is that one thing where you think that you went wrong in the entire game? I gave too many chances I shouldn't have.

What’s that one piece of advice that you would like to give the following people?

Abhishek Malhan It's not always about playing the game. Sometimes it's also about being in the moment and experiencing the experience. Just live in the moment.

Manisha Rani Time for you to get real… at least now!

Bebika Dhurve
Not everyone is your enemy. Choose your people whom you want to fight with and fight for.

Jad Hadid
Do not be an extremist... esp...when it comes to relationships.

Who do you think will be the top three contestants?
Abhishek and Elvish.

Hey! What about the third person?
I just don’t care about who is in third position. Even if it is Bebika also, I really don't care at all! (laughs).

Who will eventually win the game and why?
Its really tough to choose between Elvish and Abhishek.

We all need someone to pour our hearts to after feeling low. Who is your go-to person right now?
Definitely Elvish and Abhishek.

Now that you have seen the power of social media that brings along with it multitudes of fans, will you up your social media game now that you are out of the Bigg Boss house? Not at all. If that was the case, Bebika would not have come this far. On the other hand, Aashika Bhatia and Akanksha Puri would not have got evicted from the game. They both have extremely great followers on social media.

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