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Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 29, 2023 Written Update: Bebika-Manisha Rani's friendship is irrepairable, Abhishek Malhan becomes the newest target

Bebika and Manisha's friendship falls apart

Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 29, 2023 Written Update: Bebika-Manisha Rani's friendship is irrepairable, Abhishek Malhan becomes the newest target
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Last Updated: 11.44 PM, Jun 29, 2023


It is day 12 on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Bebika and Manisha's friendship has fallen apart.

Here's everything that happened on the episode...

June 29, 2023 10:00 PM IST

Avinash has an argument with Akanksha. They agree to not talk again. Falaq and Pooja defend Bebika. Manisha and Falaq have an argument over the same. Cyrus tries to be a mediator between them.

Avinash then tells Jad that he's upset with Akanksha. Pooja then talks to Abhishek and reminds him that he cannot break the contract and then be arrogant. He explains how he came calm from the confession room but Bebika got furious and then Pooja got angry too.

Bebika calls Manisha Puneet part 2. Pooja is confused about Abhishek and says that it's tough to be friends with him but there's no ill place for him.

Falaq talks to Jiya about not having ill intentions when it comes to her. The two end up in tears. Pooja on the other hand says that she never plotted about nominations with Falaq and Avinash.

Bebika jokes how much will people torture a woman (Pooja) and Cyrus further jokes that she went with her own two feet. Soon, Avinash asks Bebika to shut up, getting a pillow fight from her.

Akanksha demands a hug from Abhishek. Meanwhile, Manisha calls Jad 'my kutta.' Abhishek then talks to Manisha about Pooja. He says everybody is playing the woman card. Manisha points out how Avinash is more badtameez.

Jiya and Pooja share a hug. Meanwhile, Falaq tells Avinash that Akanksha never reacts. Jiya goes to Jad and tells him everything happened because of him, one after another.

June 29, 2023 09:31 PM IST

Cyrus points out how Manisha flipped and Bebika said she spoke about it previously. Pooja stops her from going into the space. Bebika and Avinash have a fun argument again as she asks him to agree to disgaree but he says he neither agrees nor disagrees.

Cyrus gets Manisha and Bebika in the same room. They clear their issues, after which Bebika says that Manisha flips. Manisha says that since she cannot be friends with her, she can't be friends with anyone.

Manisha feels that Falaq is the khiladi of the game. Akanksha says she's happy to have Manisha in their team. Abhishek tells Manisha that he's sure Akanksha will kick Jiya away soon and thus, he keeps his distance. Manisha tells Bebika that she trusts Abhishek more. As the two fight, Falaq says they shouldn't fight in the kitchen since nobody will be able to digest the food.

Manisha says she will be with Jad when he misses her. She continues flirting with him, making the two laugh.

A new task is here.It is about giving a housemate advice. Avinash advices Jad to speak to people on the face. Jad asks Jiya to listen to her inner self before taking action. She picks Falaq for not speaking up. Falaq picks Akanksha for not being clear with her vibes. Akanksha picks Avinash for giving a loud reaction. Cyrus picks Abhishek and Avinash. Abhishek steps in and Cyrus talks to Avinash too. He talks about their gym culture. Abhishek picks Pooja for the incident between them. She returns that to him saying he's insecure with female power and asked him to never body shame women. Manisha picks Falaq for not giving her own opinion in matters. Bebika picks Manisha for not remembering she is one piece.

June 29, 2023 09:00 PM IST

Day 12 commences with Cyrus Broacha asking Pooja Bhatt about the nominations. Pooja calls it stupidity. Falaq Naaz agrres. Pooja says she's more disappointed with Abhishek Malhan, who has a toxic personality and arrogance. They feel that Manisha Rani will flip. Falaq points out how Bebika wasn't influenced.

The other contestants wake up to Nachde Ne Saare from Sidharth Malhotra-Katrina Kaif's film Baar Baar Dekho. Jiya then talks to the cameras that she doesn't have a breather from the nominations.

As Falaq talks to Cyrus and Pooja about cooking, Cyrus points a knife in him. Falaq is sure that Manisha will flip. Soon, Bebika talks to Avinash Sachdev about Manisha. Cyrus joins in and suggests Bebika to let Manisha come by herself.

Abhishek asks Pooja to look at the cleanliness and she gets sarcastic with him. Avinash talks to Jad about his conversation with Abhishek. Falaq also gets upset since Abhishek did not take the broom when she demanded the boys should get it.

Cyrus tells Jad that Bebika has a good person to be with. When Jad talks about psychological issues, Pooja gets upset. Falaq takes the fight to Manisha. The latter clears her stance with Pooja.

Bebika calls Manisha a liar for the 'good morning' narrative. Manisha then goes and talks about everything people said, to Abhishek. They call him 'kamina insaan.' Abhishek says people are playing women or age card.

Jiya talks to Avinash about Falaq. He clears that he has no grudges with her and doesn't consider her a bad person.

Bigg Boss talks about Team Black and Team White. Team Black can throw two participants out of their team. The team decides to send Bebika and Manisha to Team White. The latter have to decide on one contestant. They pick Manisha. Pooja calls Bebika a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. Manisha and Bebika pass sarcastic comments with that.

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