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Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 30, 2023 Written Update: Avinash dares Jad to kiss Akanksha on her lips for 30 seconds, Bebika calls Manisha as paapi gudiya

Jad kissing Akanksha on her lips for 30 seconds becomes the talk of the house

Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 30, 2023 Written Update: Avinash dares Jad to kiss Akanksha on her lips for 30 seconds, Bebika calls Manisha as paapi gudiya
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Last Updated: 09.14 AM, Jul 01, 2023


The episode started off with an early morning conversation between Jad Hadid, Cyrus Broacha, Pooja Bhatt and Falaq Naaz. On her part, Falaq warns Cyrus that she won’t give him food if he doesn’t change his ‘kachha’ (short pant). Meanwhile, Manisha wishes everyone ‘Eid Mubarak’ in the traditional way. This is followed by a verbal altercation between Bebika and Manisha over burnt puri, which the former was frying in oil. Bebika then calls Manisha as ‘paapi gudiya’ in front of Pooja Bhatt. After that, Bebika also lands up correcting Manisha’s diction over a certain word.

Needless to say, Manisha feels very bad after Bebika corrects her diction and starts crying. Bebika, on the other hand, terms Manisha as ‘victim card’. Pooja Bhatt then tells Bebika that she needs to control and weigh her words because she cannot defend the indefensible. Everyone then starts wondering as to what is it about Bebika that Pooja Bhatt has seen that they could not see.

Thereafter starts activity between the two teams. Turn by turn, each team has to give the other team a dare that they cannot perform. This is followed by dares galore like on-ground swimming challenge and Avinash daring Jad to kiss Akanksha on her lips for 30 seconds! While a few contestants feel embarrassed during the liplock between Jad and Akanksha, others start hooting for the duo. After the liplock, Akanksha goes onto say that, she didn’t want to kiss as she was on TV, but then, she was ok with it. This is followed by Akanksha gulping down four eggs as a dare.

Falaq Naaz then gives a dare to the other team, stating that all the ladies should remove their make-up and apply make up on the guys instead! Following that instruction, while Akanksha applies make up to Jad, Manisha applies to Abhishek. The third dare goes to Jiya from Falaq Naaz, in which the former tells the latter that she has to gulp down three teaspoons of chilly powder with water, which she refuses at the behest of Pooja Bhatt.

This is followed by other dares like Abhishek eating raw bottle gourd, him keeping the room in the exact position when they had entered the Bigg Boss house. This is followed by Falk Naaz telling the three lady contestants to destroy one make up product for that day, which Pooja Bhatt stops her from doing so.

This is followed by Abhishek daring Bebika by making her tell sorry to the contestants of his team by saying that she doesn’t know face reading. Bebika, then, starts apologising to Manisha, Jiya, Abhishek, and Jad. As for Falaq Naaz, she gets told to eat raw onions as a dare. Amidst the task itself, she starts puking, which wraps up the entire task. After the whole dare task, everyone starts murmuring about the kiss between Jad and Akanksha.

Because Abhishek, Manisha, Akanksha, Jad and Jiya win the dare game, they get a prize by which they get to decide the next captain. After a detailed discussion, they choose Jad to be the new captain of the house. That’s when Bigg Boss calls Abhishek inside the confession room and asks him about his desire to become the captain.

When Abhishek replies in positive, Bigg Boss gives him a secret task of reporting ten rule-breaks done by the inmates to the camera. In case he is successful in reporting ten rule-breaks before any camera in the house, then, he will be made the new captain. Thereafter starts Abhishek’s reporting about the rule breaks in the house. In all, he reports as many as seven rule breaks within a time span of mere one hour.

That’s when Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living area and announces that he is throwing Jad off from his captaincy and making Abhishek the new captain of the house.

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