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By screaming 'Main Mahesh Bhatt ki beti hoon' Pooja Bhatt proved who's playing the victim card: Aaliya Siddiqui post eviction from Bigg Boss OTT 2 | Exclusive

The evicted contestant Aliya Siddiqui spoke exclusively to OTTplay

By screaming 'Main Mahesh Bhatt ki beti hoon' Pooja Bhatt proved who's playing the victim card: Aaliya Siddiqui post eviction from Bigg Boss OTT 2 | Exclusive
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Last Updated: 01.00 PM, Jun 29, 2023


So, at last. I get to interview you Aaliya. And that too on a day when it’s raining cats and dogs!
True! And the reason for it to rain cats and dogs is that, even the rain Gods and my ‘Parmaatma’ are not happy with my exit from Bigg Boss OTT 2 so soon! (laughs)

To start with, how are you feeling right now? Sense of fulfilment of having participated in India’s biggest reality show or feeling bad that you got eliminated so early?
To tell you the truth, I am feeling bad and I really wanted to go ahead in the game. I was just learning to play the Bigg Boss game, and suddenly, the speed breakers were applied! (laughs).

In your opinion, did you not understand the game or by the time you understood the game, you got evicted?
Honestly, I could never understand the game the way others did by staying there. The house was full of double minded people, double faces... I could never be like that. To survive myself amidst such people was truly a task in itself. That individual knew very well what I was thinking about that person. Still that person was having such a negative impression about me and also started presenting the same about me to the world.

When you say ‘that individual’, who are you referring to and who do you think is/ are responsible for your elimination?
For me, there was not just one person, there were two to three people who were responsible for my elimination. Pooja (Bhatt) ji, Palak, Avinash and of course Bebika. They never used to like me. And the reason for them not to like me was something that even I did not understand. What is shocking and strange is that, it was these same people who used to come and tell me how much of an emotional and good person that I am and how much I used to take care of them. And then suddenly, these people started saying that I play the victim card. For me to stay with people of such mindsets was extremely difficult and choking, ultimately, I just could not understand what they wanted from me. It would have been better that they could tell me what they expected of me or how they would like to perceive me. But, since they were not able to form any firm opinion, I felt that they are the ones who change with the times and with person to person.

They befriended you first and then they got you evicted. Do you think the same bunch of people will do the same thing with each other as well in order to save themselves?
Barring a few, not everyone will do that. But the ones with such backstabbing nature will sure hundred per cent do it. That’s why I was targeted at first. The reason being that I was very emotional. This is something that I myself had told them. It's not my duty to cook food for you guys. I have a cook at my home. I am so used to preparing food for my children in the morning. The reason why I used to make food was that I should not remember my children while inside the house by being busy. That’s why I used to make the best food so that I could keep everyone happy and smiling. I was wanting to make the atmosphere extremely positive. But certain people wanted to convert the atmosphere into negativity, by calling me ‘double standards’. If you cannot appreciate me, at least don’t insult me and do not consider that person as weak. I am not a weak person. And if it comes till my neck level, then, I would have definitely screamed. But, by the time I could scream, I got evicted (laughs).

What’s your opinion about Pooja Bhatt saying that “Aaliya Siddiqui plays the victim card and that if you stop doing so, you will go way ahead in life and the game”?
She had proved in front of the whole public as to who is playing the victim card by screaming, “Main Mahesh Bhatt ki beti hoon” (I am the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt). What I fail to understand is that, when the persona of this lady herself is so high, what was the need for her to be telling that she was the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt! She herself was totally confused! It was not me who shouted and not me! And I only spoke to those people who had asked me (about my personal life). I never caught people by their arm and told them, “Aao meri kahani sunaaun. Aao behen chugli karein”. That’s just not me at all.

Speaking of Pooja Bhatt, she had even said, “Sirf bachhaa paida karne se koi maa nahi ban jaata”? Did she give you a clarity about why she said such a string statement?
No. I never even got a chance and time to speak to her. Honestly, I do not want and wish to walk on that path of negativity. It’s a very sensitive matter. She will never be able to understand what I have undergone in my life. I started my life afresh and new at the age of forty years. I have no shame in admitting that I am forty years old, rather than faking it stating that I am 30 years old and I am 35 years old. Of course, my husband (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) did support me financially. But, physically and mentally, there was no support from him. Pooja ji will never be able to understand how I brough up my children overnight, because she was not able to feel it at all!

What’s the first thing that you did / will be doing once you step out of the Bigg Boss OPTT 2 house’s premises?
I gave lots and lots of interviews (laughs). I spoke to my children and my friends. My daughter said that, “Mom, whatever I saw of the game, I got to know that those who are fair will never win the game and the ones who win the game are the ones who are wrong”. Hearing this, I immediately told her that I am coming soon to meet her and will make her understand that the universe is smart and that we cannot fool the universe the way we fool human beings. I also told her to be proud of the fact that her mother has stepped out of the house with full dignity and has left her mark and identity amidst these people.

With whom will you want to be friends with even after the show?
I want to be in touch with everyone, even those who have wished ill for me. I will do so because I want to tell such people that, once you get to know the real me, you will start liking me and will not hate me. And the ones whom I love, I will preserve them with me for the rest of my life. For example: Abhishek aka ‘Fukraa Insaan’. I have started loving him so very much. He is like my brother, my bachha!

Is your faith in humanity still intact?
Yes, of course. I still believe in humanity and will continue to do so. I do not believe in walking on those roads which send out negative vibes and energies.

When you were in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, Salman Khan told you that you should not be talking about your marital issues with Nawazuddin Siddiqui on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Did he speak to you after you got eliminated?
I was not the only person to talk about my personal life. But, one thing is for sure. Whenever I get a chance to meet Salman ji, that I did not do anything that you told me in front of everyone (about me discussing my marital life). I will definitely make him realise that. But this is not the time to do all this. Besides my ‘Parmaatma’, I do not fear anyone in life.

How will you describe the following people?

Abhishek Malhan
He is my darling and a very emotional cum practical person. Such people definitely will survive in life.

Puneet Superstar
I found his energies to be really superb. All that he needs to do is to channelise these energies into a positive one. If he does so, he can tear apart anyone.

Falaq Naaz
Falak Naaz is negative energy who will pollute any place with her negative energy

Jiya Shankar
She looked very positive, but it also seemed that she has hidden her real self from everyone. She tends to listen to others and fall for their talks.

Akanksha Puri
Very good person. But, she wasn’t able to speak her heart out.

Cyrus Broacha
Very nice and talented. But he is in bad and wrong company. Hopefully, I hope that Cyrus Broacha should not get influenced by the bad company around him.

Manisha Rani
She is very cute, intelligent, witty and emotional. But again, she needs to be really very careful about her company.

Jad Hadid
Very smart. In the times to come, one will surely get to know that who had been playing with their brain and mind. He is what one would call as ‘lambi race ka ghoda’.

Bebika Dhurve
Even though she has got a doctor’s degree, she lacks knowledge big time. She needs to get a degree in humanity.

Avinash Sachdev
Totally double-faced person.

Pooja Bhatt
With such a great body of work behind her, she has proved that she can never support the truth.

Salman Khan
He can be a very emotional person in life.

And most importantly: Aaliya Siddiqui
She is such a person, who can be destroyed with a mere positive smile. Main mohabbat ki bhooki hoon. (I am hungry for love).

Who do you think will be the top three contestants?
Since its Bigg Boss, anything can happen anytime. The ones who are negative today can eventually become positive tomorrow and may even win the show. The same holds for positive persons as well. For me, it’s Abhishek who I feel will win the show.

We all need someone to pour our hearts to after feeling low. Who is your go-to person right now?
My niece. I totally pour my heart out to my niece. She is my darling and has taken care of me so much.

Your Insta posts do show that you have an extreme soft corner for the street children. Are you planning to do something for them?
Yes. Lots of them. Just like me, they too are hungry for love. Their necessities are not a luxurious house and a car. Mine is also the same situation. All that I need in life is love and self-respect.

What’s your take on Puneet Superstar? There are talks about him being called back to the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house? Do you think that he will come or should he come?
In case he comes with a positive outlook, he can do exceptionally well. In case he comes with a negative outlook, then, it's going to be the same story for him… all over again. He has the full potential to single-handedly carry the entire show on his shoulders.

In case you get called back either as a wild card in Bigg Boss OTT 2, or as one of the contestants in the main format of Bigg Boss, are you mentally prepared to go?
Of course yes! I am a fighter yaar!

A few weeks back, one netizen had asked you about changing your surname, to which you replied, “Bahut Jaldi”. Were you hinting at some good news event to happen in your life?
Very soon. I will surely give the good news very soon. The government will allow me to change my surname only after my divorce. Only after that I will go to the Gazette and change my surname. 

What next after your film ‘Holy Cow’? People are eagerly waiting to hear from you…
Maybe Aliya Siddiqui as an actress! I want to make a short film. I am not aware of the length of the film. I want to make this film purely for my satisfaction. I have nothing today with me except for my work.

In that case, are you ready to pick up the phone and call people for work? I'm not talking about ego... I am talking about self-respect.
Self-respect kaam ki jagah kabhi kuch hoti nahi hai. (There is no room for self-respect for work). I am not going to ask for work. As an actor, if I have to go and meet people for work, I will do so, as it's an actor’s job to ask people for work. At the same time, as a producer, I will not go to anyone. I will search for a good script and good actors. Very soon, I am planning to make a film with one of the topmost stars today as a producer. But I don’t have funds right now. The script is also locked and has been signed by the director. 

Can you tell us a bit about the film?
Teejan bai is the film I was referring to. It’s my dream project. I have got the rights to her biopic. She too has been a fighter. Her journey is very interesting. I have written the script alongwith with my friend.

Isn’t this the same film with Nawazuddin Siddiqui?
Yes. Initially, he was a part of the film as he said that he was a great fan of Teejan bai. Now, he is no longer a part of the project.

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