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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar July 09, 2023 Written Update: Nobody evicted from Salman Khan's show

The contestants ranked one another's qualities

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar July 09, 2023 Written Update: Nobody evicted from Salman Khan's show
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Last Updated: 03.05 AM, Jul 10, 2023


Here's everything that happened in the episode...

July 09, 2023 10:38 PM IST

Abhishek once again approaches Pooja to clear her views on his captaincy. Bebika tells Jiya to apologize to her for guessing she said the things about Jad.

Falaq and Bebika guess that Abhishek would have said the things for Jiya and Jad. Jiya asks Avinash if he feels Abhishek could have said the things.

Pooja tells Abhishek that if she got Jiya out of the race, Abhishek would be the captain week-after-week. She wants to see Avinash as a captain.

Bebika and Jad approach Abhishek and Bebika pushes Jad to beat that person black-and-blue. Abhishek convinces Cyrus to clear the air with Jiya.

Manisha tells Falaq that she called Avinash heartless. Falaq gets irritated on hearing that. Abhishek still talks to Jiya and she says Jad is calm. Manisha and Bebika feel Avinash might have said those things.

Jiya and Avinash have an argument as he calls her out for guessing him. She says that he runs away from relationships. Irked, Avinash walks out of the conversation. After Jiya leaves, Avinash comes back to Falaq. Jiya joins in again. She and Avinash finally sort things out. She apologizes to him.

July 09, 2023 10:00 PM IST

Salman talks about nominations. Cyrus is safe and it disappoints him. So are Pooja, Jad and Manisha. Thus, Falaq, Bebika and Avinash are in bottom three. Manisha feels Bebika won't leave. Many feel Avinash will be out. Salman jokes Bebika is evicted before revealing that there are no eliminations this week.

Falaq and Avinash discuss being in bottom two. Jad asks Bebika to let it go with Abhishek.

Krushna Abhishek enters the house as Jackie Shroff. He jokes that Cyrus cannot leave anywhere because all doors, including his own home's, are locked. He jokes Abhishek got jhaad from Salman and softened up. Abhishek then gives a demo of his laughter.

Pooja is next with Krushna. He remembers working with her in two films. He then jokes about Falaq's invisibility on the show. Jiya is next. She gets the slow poison plant. Cyrus is next about the switch from Bakra to Bigg Boss. Avinash gets gyaan purush tag. Manisha is next. Jad is trolled next. When it comes to Bebika, people ask if she needs to be guessed. She gets a cactus and is told that she needs to get funny.

The contestants learn anda kadipatta recipe. Avinash cooks it and Krushna says that Avinash would get Bebika if he didn't cook well.

As soon as he leaves, Terrance enters the house. He introduces the dhokha task. Abhishek guesses Bebika correct first. Jiya guesses Manisha and Abhishek wrong. Cyrus was the one who used the language. Jiya loses her calm on knowing what people think about her and Jad. He calls the people psychos. Jiya guesses Bebika wrong again, making the latter lose her calm too. Jiya guesses Avinash wrong too. It was Abhishek and Manisha this time. Pooja guesses Jad right. Falaq guesses Manisha correctly. Avinash guesses Abhishek right too. Bebika guesses Jad correct. Manisha guesses Falaq and Bebika wrong. She then guesses Jiya and Avinash correctly.

July 09, 2023 09:37 PM IST

Salman introduces Terrence Lewis to the stage. The choreographer croons Bahut Pyaar Karte Hai from Salman's film Saajan. Terrence had a challenge for the contestants.

Pooja recommended Laila Main Laila with Manisha and Cyrus. Gulaabo is with Bebika and Abhishek. Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi with Avinash and Jiya. Falaq and Jad are paired together. Bebika and Avinash have an argument soon after.

Abhishek refuses to pair up with her and asks her to dance alone. She says she got an animal in the form of partner. Manisha and Abhishek discuss the matter while Bebika talks to Cyrus. He suggests her to dance taking that as motivation. Bebika asks Avinash to talk to Abhishek and he jokes about it. Eventually, the two practice the dance.

As Manisha starts dancing to Laila Main Laila, Abhishek covers his eyes with paper and wears his glasses over that. He does so to not see Bebika.

Falaq and Jad get three stars. Bebika and Abhishek get two stars. Jiya and Avinash get compliments from Pooja - who says Jiya was better than her. Cyrus and Manisha get 10 on 5 from Salman.

July 09, 2023 09:00 PM IST

Bigg Boss OTT 2's new episode commences with where Salman Khan and Cyrus Broacha left the last episode. After Salman left them alone, Pooja Bhatt tries talking to Cyrus. She asks him to take three-four more days and later, goes to Falaq Naaz, who ends up crying.

Manisha Rani tells Bebika Dhurve that she sees her in top five. Bebika gets excited remembering Salman's praises for her.

Cyrus decides to stay back and Pooja promises that she will not nominate him for eviction since Cyrus wants to get out. That is when Salman jokes that the show is extended by four weeks.

Salman then introduces Meme The Moment to the contestants. They feel Manisha, Bebika and Cyrus would have most memes. They feature Abhishek, Pooja, Avinash, Manisha and Bebika.

A new task is here. Manisha finds Jiya most darpok and confused. Jiya, on the other hand, gives Manisha attention seeker and self-obsessed. The housemates share a different view on the same. Abhishek and Avinash are next in the task. Abhishek gives Avinash confused, delusional and aggressive. Avinash gives Abhishek lalach, aggressive and jealous. Abhishek says that he doesn't feel Jad deserves captaincy. Avinash blames Abhishek and Bebika for aggression in the house.

A viewer has questions for Jiya Shankar about her bond with Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev. Jiya talks about reconciling with Palak Purswani.

After that, BB Verse is activated again. Abhishek, Falaq, Jad and Jiya go for the task. They have to defend their captaincy. The housemates have to name one person who should never be the captain of the house again. Bebika, Manisha name Jiya, and Avinash, Pooja and Cyrus name Abhishek. Thus, Abhishek can never become the captain again. Abhishek comes and clarifies things with Pooja, who said that he and Jiya became captains to be safe from nominations.

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