Bigg Boss OTT August 10 2021 written update: Pratik Sehajpal irks Zeeshan Khan; Shamita breaks down
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Bigg Boss OTT August 10 2021 written update: Pratik Sehajpal irks Zeeshan Khan; Shamita breaks down

Pratik Sehajpal got into a fight with more than half of the Bigg Boss OTT housemates.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 10, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT begins with Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty, Urfi Javed, Neha Bhasin and Muskan Jattana grooving to Drama Queen. Nishant Bhat has a part of his own. Urfi cribs about nothing having clothes and approaches Zeeshan for it.

Muskaan talks to Karan Nath about Akshara Singh asking about Milind Gaba. As Pratik Sehajpal walks in, she says he was also present when the situation happened. Then, Moose said that Milind came saying he isn't in anybody's ass.

Pratik fights with Shamita over vessels again. Urfi tells him that she is a cleanliness freak and will do it once she eats. Pratik asks if he can move the vessels. Shamita, on the other hand, discusses the matter with Divya. The latter says Pratik will fight with Shamita once he is done with her.

The viewers will judge the inmates, who will get the tasks accordingly. Pratik asks Divya to wash the vessels since she does not have a task assigned for the day. When he asks Raqesh to do that, Divya interferes again. She asks who is Pratik to order.

Shamita then talks to Zeeshan, who also came to talk about vessels. She says there's a way of asking someone.

Divya and Pratik argue again. She asks him to stop talking and he doesn't. They end up abusing each other.

Karan tries to explain Pratik and Zeeshan puts his point. However, Pratik loses his calm remembering how Divya spoke to him.

Moose (Muskaan) and Nishant talk to Shamita about assigning Divya to them. Raqesh, Ridhima and Divya discuss how Nishant did nothing individually.

Moose tries to flirt with Pratik, who in turn flirts with Neha. The latter leaves asking them to have fun but remember there are cameras everywhere.

Shamita and Divya scream at Pratik when he defends Urfi for making more food. While they asked her to check the fridge, he said the food should have been over the previous day. While they end up fighting, Urfi winks and walks away.

Shamita loses her calm and Raqesh has to try to calm her down. Karan, on the other hand, asks Pratik to go out stating that he is misbehaving with women. Karan loses his calm and walks away. Shamita screams in front of Karan too, both of whom walk away from the crowd.

Shamita Shetty says that Pratik doesn't even exist for her. Divya then tells Karan that it was the first time they cooked for 13 people. Nishant tries to end the fight stating that the behaviour isn't helping anyone either.

Pratik then comments on Divya's beau Varun Sood. She loses her calm and says she would throw hot tea on his face.

Shamita, Divya and Karan discuss the topic. Moose, on the other hand, apologizes to Akshara for the Milind comment.\

The boys have a task through which they can help their connection get their makeup and clothes. Divya, who is the moderator, almost indulges in a fight with Pratik again. She then screams at Zeeshan.

Karan falls during the task, leaving others worried. Raqesh is eliminated in the first round. Pratik and Zeeshan indulge in a fight once again. Divya tries to disqualify Pratik for crossing the red line. He fights back and stays in the task, making Karan lose his mind again.

Karan falls down again, losing the task in the second round. Divya still says Pratik is out and Karan is still in the game. Pratik then talks to Bigg Boss and doesn't move from his spot. The task comes to a pause after Divya and everybody else walk away from there.

Urfi tells Pratik she likes him but he needs to stop messing with her connection. When Karan resumes the task and gets out again, even Pratik walks out. The girls and guys play a game when the buzzer rings and Milind Gaba is out.

Zeeshan and Nishant become the finalists of the task. Nishant wins the task since Zeeshan's doll falls down at the end moment.

After the task, Shamita and Divya discuss Nishant. Shamita says that she doesn't like his vibe. She talks about how he crossed the line with her.

The girls' luggages is kept in the garden area. Moose gets her luggage thanks to Nishant's win. Apart from that, Bigg Boss allows other girls to take 25 things from their luggage. When Bigg Boss asks Divya to take care of that, she demands half of Bigg Boss' salary.

Bigg Boss then asks the contestants how was Divya as a moderator. They need to agree to either get her whole luggage, 25 things or nothing at all. Pratik is the bigger person and even asks Nishant to let her get her whole luggage.

Karan praises Pratik for the step. Urfi does too. Nishant then says 25 would be fair since all the girls are getting that. Once that is agreed to, Divya says Nishant finds ways to fight with her. Raqesh announces the decision for Divya.

While Nishant, Pratik and Moose discuss the decision in their group, Zeeshan, Raqesh, Karan and Divya also talk about the same topic in their group.

Zeeshan and Pratik also have a massive fight over a misunderstanding. Zeeshan stated that Pratik didn't agree to chopping and cleaning. Pratik then points out how Shamita didn't even wash her cup. Zeeshan got aggressive stating that Pratik touched him.

Akshara asks Pratik to line up since Bigg Boss has called them. The contestants get a report card. The viewers are impressed by what the content of the show for the day was.

Pratik scares Zeeshan after he calls him 'son'. The former has a problem with the word and it is quite clear by his statements. Karan gets up again after losing his calm and Zeeshan has to stop him.

Nishant says people have complicated the whole situation. Divya points out how they are talking calmly, when Pratik touches Zeeshan. The latter goes and warns everyone that he would dig Pratik.

Neha asks Pratik if he is faking it. She stresses him to tell her the truth because nobody can be angry all day long. Neha says that nobody will get offended so easily if they call themselves stone-hearted. The show ends.

Bigg Boss OTT can be viewed on Voot at 7 pm from Monday-Saturday. Karan Johar will host the show on Sunday from 8 pm and announce the eliminated contestant of the week.

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