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Bigg Boss OTT last Sunday Ka Vaar September 12 2021 written update: Divya calls Raqesh 'Shamita's chamcha'

While Raqesh Bapat-Shamita Shetty gave some more clarity in their relationship, Divya Agarwal's boyfriend Varun Sood entered Bigg Boss OTT house.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 13, 2021
cover image

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat on Bigg Boss OTT.

Karan Johar enters Bigg Boss OTT's last Sunday Ka Vaar on the song Deva Shree Ganesha. He reminds people about how the contestants are playing a solo game.

Day 35 began with the contestants waking up to Proper Patola. Nishant Bhat-Muskaan Jattana and Pratik Sehajpal-Neha Bhasin ended up giving each other a hug by the end of the song. Nishant even spoke to Moose about 'Shamita (Shetty) didi'. He complained that Neha bit him. During an argument, the choreographer said he will ditch Neha for Moose.

The Ganesha aarti takes place without Pratik and Neha. Pratik gets upset about that. The duo joins the puja when it takes place again. Neha even croons the aarti. The contestants take Bappa for visarjan. Raqesh Bapat does the visarjan in the artificial pond which was kept in the storeroom.

The contestants have to pick two housemates among them for punishment. Bigg Boss then announces that they also have to pick the best performers.

Pratik feels Divya Agarwal and Raqesh should be punished. He calls Nishant and himself the best performer. Nishant wants to punish Divya and Shamita. He picks himself and Pratik as best performers. As Shamita and Divya defend themselves, Pratik starts arguing with them. Divya and Pratik end up in a screaming match again.

Divya names herself and Raqesh as best performers and Pratik and Neha for punishment. Moose names Nishant and Pratik as best performers and picks Shamita-Raqesh for punishment. Shamita names herself and Neha as good performers while nominating Moose and Divya for punishment. The latter calls Shamita snobbish. Pratik taunts her for the 'personal comments'.

Raqesh names Pratik and Moose for punishment and nominates Divya and himself for best performers. Neha names Divya and Moose for punishment. Nishant and Neha end up fighting on that. The singer names Shamita and herself for best performance.

Pratik discusses names who have received majority votes. Divya refuses to accept the names, angering Nishant. Pratik taunts Nishant saying Divya is his 'best friend'. Every contestant gets upset because of Divya's behaviour, especially after she dissed a similar behaviour by Pratik not very long ago.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to decide with majority. Thus, Pratik and Nishant become best performers while Moose and Divya get punished. Pratik agrees to take Moose's punishment, to which Divya objects. Pratik and Divya argue again. In the end, Moose says that she will do her punishment task. Pratik claps sitting next to Divya. He gives Neha a kiss on the cheek after the decision. Raqesh calls Pratik an idiot, stating that if he wanted to be punished, then he shouldn't have accepted the best performer title either.

Divya and Moose have to write 'Mujhe Maaf Kar Do' on board continuously as a punishment. Divya ends up crying as Nishant announces the task. The 'reality show star' is hurt because Nishant named her, when she put her trust in him. She even taunts him publicly. Moose, too, is upset with Nishant for not picking her over Pratik. Divya says that she has two friends in the house - Raqesh and Nishant. After the task ends, Pratik and Nishant get special food from Swiggy because of being best performers. The report card is here and the housemates passed with flying colours.

Neha tells Shamita that she does like spending time with Pratik but things just keep getting complicated between them. The actress asks Neha to keep her distance. The singer then hesitates to even sleep on the same bed with Pratik.

Karan Johar announces September 18 will be Bigg Boss OTT's grand finale. Shamita and Divya face-off on Deva Shree Ganesha. Raqesh enters the song, followed by Pratik, Nishant, Moose and Neha. KJo ends up calling Raqesh 'Divya 2.0' for fighting back. The Tum Bin actor passed a remark when the host named him right after stating that the connections in the house are two-faced.

Karan shows the contestants the trophy. He says that only Divya is playing solo while the other contestants are suffering for being in their 'comfort zone'. KJo also talks about messing up the immunity task. He asks about the discussion between Raqesh and Nishant. The host then asks the choreographer who is priority for him, to which Nishant names Pratik and Moose. Then, KJo questions Nishant about how Pratik reached the danger chair despite being his priority. Raqesh names Shamita and Divya as his priority. Karan asks Neha why she is not a priority to Raqesh anymore. The singer says that since she and Pratik switched their connection, they were everyone's target and thus, they were on the danger chair. Raqesh says he named Divya just to convince Nishant, while also stating that he gets confused in chaos. Karan says that he has seen Raqesh take a stand in chaotic situations too. The host further asks Raqesh why he saved Shamita, to which the actor said that she was injured. This confused KJo, who further asked him about 'Woh aurat hai, she needs to be protected more than men' comment. Unsatisfied with Raqesh's answer, he then asks Moose why she walked out the first time Raqesh gave an explanation for the statement. She says that Raqesh's explanation also began in a sexist manner because of which she and Pratik walked out.

A caller named Sonal asks Neha why she agreed to leave the show for Pratik and does she not care about her fans? The singer apologizes to her fans stating that she was angry. She says that since her connection with Pratik was questioned, she felt bad and thus, she said the words.

Karan talks to Pratik about his behaviour during tasks and the opposite in the rickshaw task. He is confused with the random reactions. The host calls the contestant a 'spoiled brat'. Moose says that Pratik and Neha's reactions felt like there was a romantic scene going on and that made her 'cringe'.

Neha says that she wants to stay friends with Pratik outside the house. KJo asks Neha what she feels about Moose cringing over her and Pratik, to which the singer says it's sad. Raqesh, on the other hand, asks Neha to play individually to stand out.

Karan asks Nishant why he let go of the Ticket To Finale. The choreographer says he let go of the ticket because he wants it to be his journey rather than taking a shortcut. To that, Karan calls Nishant 'martyr of India'. When the host calls the housemates' decision 'convenient', Neha does the Gorilla dance, screaming her lungs out and leaving Karan in shock. She says that is a word she has used time-and-again. The singer ends up giving Nishant a kiss on the cheek.

Pratik-Shamita, Divya-Raqesh and Moose-Neha have to groove in pairs for their next task while Nishant goes solo. Pratik-Shamita go first and groove on Disco Deewane for 15 seconds. They used steps from Hero No 1, Biwi No and Coolie No 1 for the song. Moose-Neha go next and groove on the same song. Divya-Raqesh go next. Nishant comments 'Daayan bani bahu' for Divya. When Nishant goes on the dance floor, Neha passes the comment 'Naach daayan naach'.

KJo introduces Neha and Tony Kakkar on stage. Tony likes Nishant as a contestant because of his honesty while he feels Pratik or Shamita could win the Bigg Boss OTT trophy. The musical duo plays a game with the contestants, where these housemates have to decide a song sung to someone.

Tony sings Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Nishant calls Raqesh Khiladi and everybody else Anari. Karan instead calls Nishant only Khiladi. The choreographer calls himself 'naag who bites in a way that nobody realizes they have been bit'. KJo then calls Moose his 'sapera'. Nishant defends her as 'Naagin' rather than 'saperi'.

When Karan sings 'Maa Da Ladla', everybody points out to Pratik. Moose also names him. Pratik then gives Neha Bhasin a hug calling her his mother. Neha Kakkar croons 'Kar Gayi Chill'. Pratik names his connection, Neha, for the song.

Tony croons 'Velle' and Divya calls Raqesh 'Vella'. Tony then sings 'Khud ko kya samajhti hai' and asks Raqesh and Nishant to dedicate the song. While Raqesh kisses Shamita and says 440 Volt, Nishant also names her. Karan says the next song was 'Na Jaane Kahan Dil Kho Gaya'. He dedicates the song to Raqesh-Shamita, who held hands throughout.

Neha Kakkar sings 'Barso Re' and asks Shamita who cries a lot in the house. She is confused. Karan names Moose, making the influencer laugh. Neha and Tony sing 'Thug Le' and ask Neha who is a thug in the house. She names Nishant. He picks Pratik. Neha says Pratik has his own Bigg Boss going on.

The contestants then have a task - everybody has to add a fork to the hairband of that contestant who has hurt them. Divya goes first and picks Nishant and Shamita. Raqesh picks Pratik and Nishant in the task. Shamita picks Divya. Neha and Pratik pick Raqesh and Divya. Moose picks Neha. 'Kanta king' Nishant picks Shamita. Divya becomes 'Kanta queen'.

Divya is asked to talk about chamcha. She calls Raqesh as Shamita's chamcha. Divya also says Moose and Neha have Pratik and Nishant as their chamcha.

Moose is evicted from the house. Meanwhile, Divya's boyfriend Varun Sood meets Karan on stage. The host also adds that Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee will enter the house soon. The last Sunday Ka Vaar ends on that note.

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