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Bigg Boss OTT! Raqesh on why he can't be with Shamita: I need somebody to handle me

Raqesh Bapat has made it clear time-and-again that he can never be on the same page as Shamita Shetty, even though they love each other.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 13, 2021
cover image

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat on Bigg Boss OTT.

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty have been the talk of the town ever since they fell apart on Bigg Boss OTT. The topic was raised once again of day 35 of the show, when Neha Bhasin approached them both to understand the situation better.

She asked Raqesh about his 'scene'. The actor feels he shouldn't interfere in anything, which is why he maintains his distance from Shamita. Raqesh further says that he wouldn't want to live life on anybody else's terms. Neha accuses him of lacking basic standing up for himself. Answering that point, Raqesh once again states that he cannot talk when there is a lot of chaos around him. He accuses Shamita of 'barking at him' when he tried to explain the situation to her. The actor says that she would accuse him of not understanding her. "It's too much for me to handle, Neha. I need somebody to handle me," the actor shared.

The Tum Bin actor cleared that the two aren't a match. Nonetheless, Neha asked him to interact with Shamita about the same. "I really, genuinely like her," confessed Raqesh before adding that they cannot be blah in front of each other.

Neha asked them to move on. Raqesh says that Shamita has too many expectations and he can't change for her at the moment.

The singer then talks to Shamita, who is adamant on talking about Divya. She is upset that he stopped the conversation between the trio to support Divya. The actress says Raqesh doesn't defend her like he stands up for Divya. She feels Raqesh puts her down in front of people by calling her 'bossy' and 'dominating'. She has also been upset with his 'Tit for Tat' comment.

Later in the day, Divya called Shamita 'insecure' because of her. The latter expressed shock at the statement. "What do you have for me to be insecure?," Shamita asked Divya. The 'reality show star' said that she accepts herself, which Shamita lacks. Divya ended up calling the actress 'immature' for trying to control Raqesh.

Shamita was also heard telling Nishant and Neha that Raqesh has been flipping so much in a week that she has seen a completely different side to him.

When she approached Raqesh directly, the Tum Bin actor said that he is concentrating on himself completely. He said that he wants to be with her but it's too soon. That is when Shamita said that two broken people make each other stronger, hinting that she wants to work things out between them.

Raqesh asks Shamita why she reacts so much. She agrees that it is her weakness and that she needs to work on it. The actress explains that she had to defend herself from a very young age and thus, it became a natural process for her.

"I lost my boyfriend at the age of 18. That was a big jolt for me. Emotionally, it changed me overnight and I had to fight my own battles always," the actress shared, while agreeing she isn't perfect. She apologized if Raqesh felt she got bossy. She defended that stating that it is her motherly instinct to take care of people.

Talking about Divya again, Shamita says that she would back off if it was in the real world rather than on the show. She maintains that Raqesh and Divya have a 'soft spot' for each other.

Talking about the whole week, KJo informed Shamita and Raqesh that their fight is extremely annoying to the viewers. He said that the actress is annoyed with herself, which is quite visible on screen. She says she's pushing herself out of her comfort zone. The actress then called Raqesh 'very arrogant and insensitive' at times. She adds that she is still discovering herself on the show.

When KJo asks Shamita if Raqesh broke her heart, she agrees to that, further stating that he is the only one who can mend it. The actress once again called him an 'escapist'. The host says that Raqesh doesn't want the relationship and thus, they need to talk if they need to be friends. Karan asks Shamita to move on in his own words, which is what Neha had also been trying to tell the actress for a few days now.

After Karan's advice, Raqesh asked Shamita to not react publicly but go out and deal with their situation. The actress, confused at the statement, said that since people have seen their truth, she needs clarity on National TV. When Shamita says she has been more vocal in their relationship, Raqesh asks her to stop doing that. In order to make things work, Shamita asks Raqesh to show more affection than fighting. Thus, the couple decide to give themselves another opportunity, despite being skeptical about one another.

On day 34, Neha Bhasin was seen talking to Nishant Bhat. She said that Raqesh's confusion about Divya is causing chaos among the couple. While her views on that changed after her one-on-one conversation with Raqesh and Shamita on day 35, her statement of 'the couple finding love in a hopeless place' remains relevant.

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