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Bigg Boss OTT September 13 2021 written update: Raqesh ready to quit after Karan calls him 'sexist'

Raqesh Bapat is really affected after Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar called him sexist in the last ever Bigg Boss OTT's Sunday Ka Vaar.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 13, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss finale week has begun. On the 36th night, we see Neha Bhasin and Shamita Shetty discuss Raqesh Bapat. The latter is seen talking to Nishant Bhat, who is still reeling from Muskaan Jattana's eviction. When Pratik Sehajpal comes to Nishant, Raqesh leaves. Both Pratik and Nishant become inconsolable as they hold hands.

Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee enter the house on Where's The Party Tonight. Nishant says his connection with Moose is real, which is why he is feeling low. The contestants are then asked to play 'Let's Be OTT'. Raqesh and Shamita have to go first. Rashami asks Shamita if Nishant let go of his chance to win Ticket To Finale purposely. She says 'Obviously'. Raqesh agrees 50% with Shamita. He says that Nishant did it for him as a friend. The choreographer justifies stating that since he has done reality shows, he felt that was the right thing to do.

Shamita smartly dodges the question on who doesn't deserve to be in the house. The actress calls Zeeshan's eviction unfortunate. She ends up taunting Divya, stating that she should have stopped the fight rather than adding fuel to the fire. Shamita then clears that Zeeshan should have been in the house while Divya should have been out. Raqesh, to nobody's surprise, names Pratik as the deserving candidate.

Next, Raqesh, Divya and Shamita go for a task in which Raqesh has to dip one of their faces in water if he picks them for an answer. On not moving on, being stubborn, boring, shameless and moody, Raqesh picks Divya. Pratik picks on Raqesh and says that if 5 minutes back the actor said he doesn't know Divya, then how is he judging and naming her? Raqesh picks Divya for not being in top 2. When Rashami asks Raqesh to pick who is hotter, Neha ends up saying that the actor has confessed that Divya is a diva. Shamita is stunned at the statement, while Raqesh fumbles and completely denies saying anything like that. He still picks Divya. Nishant clears that Raqesh isn't picking Shamita because she will torture him later.

Nishant and Neha are next in the task. Nishant says Raqesh gives up on things very easily. He finds Shamita very cool but preserved. On their connection, the choreographer felt that they passed their la la land phase and are now going through real relationship issues. He says Pratik's playing spirit is very good. The choreographer says he is proud of Divya but she adds fuel to the fire and leaves it there. He says Neha talks a lot and with that, her real issue stretches so long that it gets boring.

Neha says that she is dependent on Pratik as a friend but not in the game. The latter says that while he loves both Nishant and Neha, he cannot depend on anybody because he has started from scratch and cannot afford to go back there. Nishant says Pratik and Neha have disappointed him in tasks. He feels Raqesh has also disappointed him by not taking a stand. Neha feels Divya shouldn't be in top 2 because she doesn't have a good sense of making friends. The singer names Raqesh and Nishant too. The choreographer sees Pratik and Shamita in the top two apart from his own self. He doesn't see Raqesh and Neha there.

Neha gives Divya four out of five in fakeness. She gives Pratik zero, Nishant gets three, Raqesh gets two and Shamita gets one. Nishant gives Divya and Pratik one for weak player, since he believes they aren't weak players. He gives Neha two, Raqesh five and Shamita zero. Neha gives Divya four for being a villain. Pratik gets three, Shamita gets two, Nishant and Raqesh get zero. Nishant gives Divya five as a complaint box. Pratik and Raqesh get zero while Neha gets 15. Shamita gets three.

Divya and Pratik go next. Pratik says he would like to remain friends with Nishant, Neha, Muskaan, Milind and Shamita even after the show. He doesn't want to be around Divya and Raqesh. Divya says she doesn't trust anybody in the house and thus, she doesn't want to meet anyone but would like to meet Nishant and Raqesh outside the house to make a decision about them. She says Neha-Pratik and Raqesh-Shamita aren't happy with the solo game.

Pratik calls Raqesh non-deserving and illogical. Divya blames both Raqesh and Shamita for their arguments. Pratik says Divya is among the finalists thanks to others, leaving her wondering. Divya agrees with Devo that if she was connected with Pratik, all other connections would have failed but they are better in the current situation too. Pratik says he only sees himself and Nishant in top 2 and nobody else matters to him. Divya feels she and Shamita should be in top 2.

Pratik mentions that Shamita entertains audiences by crying. Divya feels that Shamita entertains by being controlling. When Devo asks, Divya says Pratik entertains by being a 'non-stop radio'. Pratik says Divya entertains by sleeping. He says Raqesh entertains people by disappearing. Divya calls Raqesh a 'romantic artist'. Pratik compliments Nishant for being funny. Divya and Pratik agree that Neha entertains with her craziness.

Divya's boyfriend Varun Sood comes to the house. On seeing him, Divya breaks down. She calls him handsome. Varun calls Nishant the smartest player. He advises Neha to play for herself and asks Raqesh to keep a firm word. Varun is really upset with Shamita's comment that Divya and he won't get married. Shamita defends herself stating she said, "Jab hogi, then we'll see." He reminds her about how Shamita spoke about Divya having a 'soft corner' for Raqesh. Varun then requests her not to make a judgement since they don't know each other. He talks to Pratik about the special moment on Ace. Varun says that since that time, he has only wished well for Pratik. He talks about being confused with Pratik's statement on stage and hoping that Pratik-Divya would be friends on the show. Praising Divya, Varun says that he pampers her a lot and was scared about her but she has come out stronger than anybody. He also praises Pratik and says that the Bebakee actor is just prioritizing the show but they are friends. Varun further questions Shamita why she is so upset with Divya over the 'bossy' comment when the whole house has termed her that. Shamita defends herself stating that Divya used the term first. Varun says the term came from much before but doesn't elaborate on that. He then asks Divya to stay in zen mode. Rashami and Devo also leave with that but not without giving Divya a hamper.

Shamita asks Nishant to keep Pratik and Raqesh away from each other. The Tum Bin actor says he wants to go back since he cannot understand the game. He says he is pressurized in every way and isn't liking it. As Raqesh showed his happiness for Divya after Varun came in the house, Shamita told him that she won't fight with Divya anymore. Raqesh refuses to hear either one of them out.

Raqesh tells Shamita that he's peace-loving and the show has shaken him from inside. The actor is upset with Karan Johar calling him sexist.

Shamita requests Pratik to solve his differences with Raqesh. If not that, then she asks him to stop insulting her former connection. Shamita tells Neha that she doesn't know how to not defend someone she likes. She wants to see Raqesh in the normal world and wishes to talk to her family about them first. The episode ends on that note.

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