Bigg Boss OTT September 17 2021 written update: Shamita says she and Raqesh are now in a ‘happy space’
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Bigg Boss OTT September 17 2021 written update: Shamita says she and Raqesh are now in a ‘happy space’

Pratik Sehajpal wished his mother happy birthday through the show, right before the grand finale.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 17, 2021
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Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat on Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 40 in Bigg Boss OTT house begins with Hasee Toh Phasee song Shake It Like Shammi. The only connection in the house, Shamita and Raqesh, give each other a hug.

Nishant Bhat and Divya Agarwal discuss Bigg Boss 15. The choreographer says that they both should play in the real way. He feels that the five need to be like a wolf pack rather than two groups. Pratik Sehajpal congratulates himself for coming this far, while sitting alone.

Raqesh Bapat criticizes Shamita Shetty's food. Divya says that she would have helped her out if they were friends. She tells Raqesh that he gets attracted towards problems. He says Shamita would have killed her, before mimicking the Mohabbatein actress.

Raqesh and Shamita have a mushy moment. He draws a heart on his hand with lipstick and sticks that to Shamita's right chest. She says that her heart is on the left side, when Raqesh corrects her saying, "It is now right."

Everyone except Pratik sits together. Raqesh and Shamita call each other chocolate. The latter then says everyone is getting bored. Nishant then suggests Bigg Boss to turn off the cameras, blinders, mic and leave Shamita and Raqesh alone. This makes the couple laugh out loud. The choreographer further adds that he will leave the chocolate and the couple can decide how they want to use it.

Nishant goes first to see his journey in the house. The clip shows his strong friendship with Raqesh. It then shows his crazy friendship with Pratik. The choreographer picks Pratik over Raqesh.

Shamita goes next. Her memories with Divya are shown first. Her bad memories with Raqesh are next. Nishant ends up laughing when the clip ends on an emotionally high note. Shamita ends up crying and thus, Divya asks Nishant what is wrong with him. She picks Divya over Raqesh. The actress says that the memories with Raqesh shown are unpleasant and reek with disrespect. She says they have passed through that stage to be in a happier and peaceful space. The actress refuses to immediately sit with everyone. Raqesh tries to talk to her but she stays in her own company.

Pratik goes next. His first memories are with Neha Bhasin. The next memory is with Nishant. He picks Neha over Nishant. The actor states that he would like to keep Neha's memories with him and thus, he keeps the photo with him.

Nishant tells Divya that she will see her fights with Pratik and Shamita. When Divya says that she wants fun videos, Raqesh jokes that they will share Ace of Space footage on the show for fun. Nishant keeps poking fun at Divya.

Raqesh is called next for his videos in the house. It begins with his friendship with Divya. The clip then goes to Raqesh's connection with Shamita. He obviously picks Shamita over Divya. Nishant cannot stop laughing over his choice.

Divya goes next. Her bad memories with Raqesh are first. Nishant's fights with her are in the next clip. Pratik calls the choreographer 'villain' after seeing the clip. Divya does not pick either of them but by luck, she remains with Nishant's memories.

Divya also doesn't wish to stay with the contestants immediately. As she leaves for fresh air, both Nishant and Raqesh follow her. They both pick her up.

Shamita is also upset that Bigg Boss showed the girls their bad memories. Bigg Boss calls the contestants and talks about the report card. The viewers are happy with the performances. They get a gift too. It is ice-cream. Nishant requests Bigg Boss to chit-chat with them and praise him.

Pratik shows a throwback photo of him as a child. He wishes his mother a very happy birthday. The actor calls himself the 'modern day Shravan Kumar' and promises to fulfill her dreams. The episode ends on that note.

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