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Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal on her breakup with Varun Sood: I was happy only on social media

Divya Agarwal was in a live-in relationship with Varun and is now engaged to Apurva

Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal on her breakup with Varun Sood: I was happy only on social media

Last Updated: 08.25 PM, Jun 05, 2023


Divya Agarwal has finally spoken about her break-up with Varun Sood. The actress is best known for her Bigg Boss OTT win. She left everyone shocked, first with her breakup with Varun and later, by getting engaged to businessman Apurva Padgaonkar within a few months of it.

The actress has now spoken up about the break-up and taken the blame of it. She realized that she was more inclined to Apurva and was unhappy with Varun, which is why she decided to move on.

“In my previous relationship, I looked happy and content on social media. Internally, behind that, I wasn’t. In this relationship, there’s no social media presence. In fact, it is so negative for us that we hardly post pictures,” Divya told RJ Anmol and Amrita Rao on their show, Couple of Things.

She then explained, “I was the man of that relationship. I would often wonder that who would take care of me if I broke down. That’s when I realized that I shouldn’t continue that.”

Divya knew Apurva since a long time and was always certain that she wanted to marry him, mainly because he reminded her of his dad. However, since they both did not share the mentality, they put the relationship to a pause and continued staying friends. Divya did move on and date Priyank Sharma and later went into a live-in relationship with Varun Sood. However, the thought of Apurva being on the other side and not marrying her, always haunted her.

The thought became even more certain when she met Apurva at a wedding and he confessed that they were stupid to let something precious go. She agreed but felt guilty to the point that she cried like there’s no tomorrow, because she was dating someone, very publicly at that.

Divya described her equation with Varun vs Apurva. She said that her energy with Varun, even though they were good friends, was all over the place. Meanwhile, Apurva brings calm to her life and makes her feel matured and lady-like.

The actress further reveal that Varun and Apurva have met one another and know what the issue was – her confusion. She took the blame upon herself and that is why, she broke up with Varun abruptly, even though they too were contemplating marriage.

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