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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 November 1 Written Update: Azeem targeted by Vikraman, Dhanalakshmi and Maheshwari

The new task has created rift among contestants in the house

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 November 1 Written Update: Azeem targeted by Vikraman, Dhanalakshmi and Maheshwari


  • Thinkal Menon

Last Updated: 01.00 AM, Nov 02, 2022


Bigg Boss has come up with a new task which involves contestants to come up with mono acts imitating popular television programs on astrology, cooking and debates. The task continued for a long time as it became almost impossible to decide the best player in the task.  

It also tested the patience of a few of them as they lost interest after a point. Dhanalakshmi requested Bigg Boss to stop the game as she felt bored after participating in it. During the debate program, she accused Azeem for constantly provoking others.

A furious Azeem said that Dhana is hell-bent on picking up fights with every contestant. The latter was clearly upset, but she chose not to react. However, Shivin supported Azeem and said that the latter has been single-handedly making many tasks interesting with his presence of mind and dedication.

Shivin also added that Vikraman is the only person who stands up for justice in the house. But this didn't go down well with Azeem. He had a heated debate with Vikraman with regard to active participation in tasks and the two of them accused each other for projecting superficial images.

Later, Maheshwari, too, came down heavily on Azeem, but the latter remained calm, leaving everyone surprised. Azeem has been losing the support of viewers in the last few days, thanks to his loud behaviour. Many went on to allege that he is a control freak.

But it looks like Kamal Haasan's warning has worked. There is a slight difference in the manner in which he has been dealing with others' issues in the house. But it is evident that he is dejected with the way others have started targeting him in the last couple of days. Post his tussle with Ayesha, the two of them have been maintaining a distance.