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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: All eyes on 'under fire' Kamal Haasan over Pradeep Antony's eviction

Kamal Haasan has come under fire for allegedly overreacting by removing Pradeep Antony from ongoing season seven of Bigg Boss Tamil. 

Bigg Boss Tamil 7: All eyes on 'under fire' Kamal Haasan over Pradeep Antony's eviction
Pradeep Antony was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil season 7.

Last Updated: 07.19 PM, Nov 10, 2023


The unceremonious eviction of Pradeep Antony was the watershed moment in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. It's unlikely that any other events in this season could come anywhere close to creating the amount of controversy Pradeep's exit has caused the last few days. 

Last week, Pradeep Antony was shown the red card on the allegations of making the women within the house feel threatened. The show's host Kamal Haasan showed him the door without following the process developed to lessen the blow of such an abrupt eviction for the contestants. Usually, contestants who get evicted from the house are allowed to meet their fellow housemates, say goodbyes and also share the stage with Kamal before they are released back into civilisation. 

However, none of these niceties were followed for Pradeep Antony. His exit was so abrupt that it sent a shock wave across the fans of the show.  

Kamal expressed scathing disapproval of Pradeep Antony's behaviour on the show. He condemned Pradeep's repeated use of profanities while addressing the other contestants and he established that he had zero tolerance toward anyone who posed a challenge to women's safety. 

"I would have left the show if the producers hadn't supported this decision," declared Kamal firmly, underlining his commitment to upholding safety within the house.

Last Saturday, Maya, Poornima and Jovika led the protest against Pradeep accusing him of behaving in an intimidating way that threatened their peaceful continuation on the show. Pradeep seemed to be out of his wits as he did not have a strong argument to fight the allegations against him. 


Pradeep's departure has received polarising reactions from audiences, while it has also caused a lot of debates among the other contestants. Vichithra and VJ Archana have been leading a strong protest against Pradee's eviction, by accusing Maya, Poornima and Jovika of falsifying charges against him. 

The seemingly unending debate about the matter has created a lot of confusion among the housemates. The arguments in the house have reached such absurdity that the main issue has been muddled with too many conspiracy theories and allegations. 

The reactions on the internet to all the happenings on the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 are also extremely polarising. Pradeep seems to have won in the people's court already following his unceremonious exit, while Maya, Poornima and Jovika are being viciously attacked on social media. 

Kamal Haasan is also not immune to online trolling. He has come under fire for allegedly overreacting by removing Pradeep from the show. Many have strongly opined that he must have let Pradeep continue on the show with a stern warning. 

In the meantime, Pradeep seems to be enjoying all the chaos that is playing out, both inside and outside the Bigg Boss house, on his account. He also expressed willingness to return to the show but on a few conditions. "@EndemolShineIND if you are considering sending me in, I want two red cards to send off 2 contestants who conspired against me and I want to be the Captain - 7th week of BB7," tweeted Pradeep. 

"I promise, I'll also behave. Oru intermission mudichuttu vara padothoda revenge mode second half madhiri aduren," he added. 

As the Bigg Boss Tamil house remains divided and opinions clash over Pradeep's exit, all eyes are on Kamal. How will he address this controversy during Saturday's episode? Did Kamal overreact in the case of Pradeep? Or was Kamal's action appropriate to the gravity of the situation? Do Kamal and the showrunners know something more than the audience? Will this controversy end this week or continue to rage on for the remainder of the season? 

The weekend episodes hold the key to resolving these questions.

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