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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Pradeep Antony gets red card, evicted from the house

The actor is the first contestant of this season to be sent out of the house in this manner

Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Pradeep Antony gets red card, evicted from the house
Pradeep Antony

Last Updated: 10.52 AM, Nov 05, 2023


Pradeep Antony, one of the most popular contestants on the show has been eliminated from the house, after getting a red card. The contestant was sent out of the house after the remaining contestants privately gave their opinion about him and issued a red card in the confession room.

Contestants band up together against Pradeep
On the weekend episode episode, a number of contestants wore the red glove (which indicated 'urimai kural') during their face-to-face chat with the show's host Kamal Haasan. When Kamal Haasan asked them about the same, majority of the women contestants said that they felt unsafe around him, and the male contestants said that he was very disrespectful.

While Poornima said that she felt unsafe at night in the presence of Pradeep, Raveena said that Pradeep was breaking all personal boundaries and commenting disgracefully including her waist rope. Many also pointed out the foul language used by Pradeep in the house.Later, when Manichandra stated that Pradeep doesn't even close the door while using the toilet, was the final nail on the coffin.

Kamal Haasan warns Pradeep
Later, Kamal Haasan asks for Pradeep's explanation on the allegations and he said that he had grown up in an atmosphere where using foul language was the norm and that it was difficult to change himself.

Kamal Haasan then pointed out that just because one contestant from the previous season (Azeem) used the same strategy, it doesn't mean all the contestants would be encouraged to use the same as even children were watching the show.

The private confession
Kamal Haasan asked all the contestants to get to the confession room and asked their opinion on issuing a red card for Pradeep. Barring Vichitra, Archana, Dinesh and Cool Suresh, the remaining contestants voted in favour of the red card.

Pradeep given the red card
Pradeep, the final contestant to enter the confession room is shown the door by Kamal Haasan. "If you go back into the house, you will pick up a fight again. So, you can leave the house from here," said Kamal Haasan. He added that when it comes to women' safety he was very particular about it and that Vijay Television also felt the same.

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