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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: What do Pradeep Antony's social media reactions mean?

Pradeep Antony has been sharing nuggets of his thoughts on all the controversies stemming from his eviction from Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. 

Bigg Boss Tamil 7: What do Pradeep Antony's social media reactions mean?
Pradeep Antony

Last Updated: 03.11 PM, Nov 13, 2023


Pradeep Antony's unceremonious eviction from the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 created massive controversy on social media. Many expressed displeasure, even slamming the show's host Kamal Haasan for his alleged 'knee-jerk' reaction, which led to the removal of Pradeep from the show on the charges involving women's safety. 

Since his exit from the show, Pradeep has not yet given an interview to the media addressing the controversy. However, he has been sharing nuggets of his thoughts on all the controversies stemming from his eviction. 

Based on Pradeep's social media post, he seems to be evoking a lot of Superstar Rajinikanth's references while reacting to the show, which is hosted by Kamal Haasan. Is there any subtext here? 

On Kamal's 69th birthday, Pradeep tweeted a cheeky birthday wish, which was deemed a slight dig at Kamal's "knee-jerk" reaction. 

"Big fan sir @ikamalhaasan Sathiyama soldren (I promise) Wish you the happiest 69th birthday. I have the utmost respect for your art and contributions to Tamil Cinema. Love you," he tweeted with a hashtag, #TheeraVisaripatheMei, which means proper investigation is the only way to find the truth. 

Clearly, Pradeep believes that Kamal didn't conduct a thorough enquiry before deciding to present the housemates with the opportunity to give him a red card.  

Just before Saturday's episode, Pradeep was expressing his interest in going back to the show and promised to "behave" on the show, if he was given a second chance. 

"@EndemolShineIND if you are considering sending me in, I want two red cards to send off 2 contestants who conspired against me and I want to be the Captain - 7th week of BB7," he tweeted to the showrunners of Bigg Boss Tamil. 

"If you give me a good game, I'll give you a great show @EndemolShineIND @vijaytelevision @ikamalhaasan I promise, I'll also behave," he repeated his appeal to the showrunners. 

It seemed Pradeep hoped that the overwhelming support on social media would prompt the showrunners to reconsider his eviction. However, just before Saturday's episode, he tweeted, "Game over." It seemed that Pradeep must have learned his return to the show was out of the question. 

In the same tweet, Pradeep also used a popular dialogue from Rajinikanth's Mullum Malarum (1978) to talk about his resilience while expressing gratitude for his supporters. "Rendu Kai Rendu Kaal Illana Kooda Kaalindravan Pozhaichupaan Sir Ketta Paiyan Sir Avan (Even if I lose all my limbs, I will somehow survive. I am a tough man)," he tweeted. 

After Saturday's episode, he tweeted another clip from an old speech made by Rajinikanth. In the video, Rajinikanth describes himself as a deaf frog, which keeps on climbing the mountain without paying attention to its critics and naysayers. 

It's noteworthy that on Saturday's episode, Kamal said that the decision to evict Pradeep was a result of a thorough investigation. 

Pradeep later asked his supporters not to worry about his future too much. The rough translation of his tweet, "Happy Diwali to all of you. Don't overthink. I am happy. If you are interested in bursting crackers do that, eat mutton curry and enjoy life. Give all your support to me when I make a film." 

During Saturday's episode, Kamal clarified that there were no "backsies" on the decisions taken in the case of Pradeep, suggesting that everyone will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. In other words, as things stand now, there is no chance of Pradeep coming back to the show this season. 

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