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Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vikraman accused of casteist and financial abuse by lawyer

Vikraman shot to fame for his progressive and anti-caste views on the popular reality show

Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vikraman accused of casteist and financial abuse by lawyer
Kiruba Munusamy with Vikraman

Last Updated: 04.54 PM, Jul 16, 2023


Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi deputy spokesperson, Vikraman, who shot to fame with the popular reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil, has been accused of casteist and financial abuse by a Dalit lawyer. The lawyer named Kiruba Munusamy in a long thread on Twitter stated that she had lodged a complaint with the party president Thol Thirumalavan alleging that Vikraman had caused her emotional damage during their course of relationship.

In a series of tweets, Kiruba said, "Two months after in Oct 2020, he pursued a romantic relationship with me. Just within 2 days after, he lied that he's invited to join @VCKofficial_by its leader @thirumaofficial while he's the one who pursued. Since then he demanded unconditional support to his political career. After about 2 years of relationship, when I stopped supporting & demanded the money he promised to return in Jul '22, he blocked me. After 3 months of trying, just before entering Bigg Boss, he apologised for his rude behaviour; got back together; was romantic & discussed BB (sic)."

Find the Twitter thread below

Kiruba Munusamy is an anti-caste lawyer, who works at the Supreme Court of India and is a popular Dalit rights activist. Kiruba stated that she had known Vikraman for over a decade and that they later got into a romantic relationship in which she had to deal with a lot of agony as Vikraman had exploited her on the basis of her caste. She alleged that Vikraman had multiple relationships of similar nature. She added that Vikraman had financially harrassed her as well.

She wrote, "After speaking to 15 people he referred as his exes & friends, I found that there are other victims of his abuse & exploitation who are married now, including many queer men who haven't come out with their sexuality. Therefore, I told him that I'm going to lodge police complaint."

 Kiruba stated that she has asked the leadership of the party to constitute a committee to probe the allegations but is yet to get a report from the committee. She wrote, "The party leader upon preliminary enquiry & prima facie evidence constituted a 5-member committee with 2 external members to enquire & submit its report within 20 days. I submitted documentary evidence, 8 witness statements proving relationship, abuse, financial fraud & cheating. The committee took 40 days to submit its report. It's been a month & I was not issued a copy of the report. I've been relentlessly trying for a month now. The committee members are not giving. The office bearers are afraid to talk about it & even more scared to share the report."

Kiruba also asked the party leadership to expel Vikraman from the party for behaving this way. She wrote, "It would be a grave injustice to the anti-caste movement if @RVikraman continues to hold his position in an anti-caste party like VCK even after intentionally exploiting a Dalit woman activist to grow in the same party. I hope the party does justice by taking action at least now (sic)."

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