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Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 winner revealed, leaked photo spoils suspense

VJ Archana, Manichandra, Maya Krishnan and Dinesh were the top four finalists of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. 

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 winner revealed, leaked photo spoils suspense
Four finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil season 7.

Last Updated: 11.25 AM, Jan 14, 2024


The highlight of the season's last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil always revolves around the suspense leading to the winner's announcement. Typically, the showrunners take great care to prevent crucial information from being revealed before the scheduled broadcast. However, season 7 of Bigg Boss Tamil takes an unexpected turn, with the winner's suspense shattered by a leaked photo.

According to the circulating image on social media, VJ Archana has been unveiled as the winner of season 7. The photo captures Kamal Haasan raising Archana's arms, officially declaring her the winner, while Manichandra secures the position of the runner-up. This revelation has stirred a buzz across online platforms, giving viewers an early glimpse into the dramatic conclusion of the popular reality show.

Archana and Manichandra were the top four finalists of season 7, following the mid-week elimination of Vijay Varma. The remaining two finalists were Maya Krishnan and Dinesh.

Archana created history by becoming the first wild-card entry in the history of Bigg Boss Tamil to win the season. It's noteworthy that Archana was nicknamed "cry-baby" on the show as she always displayed a heightened tendency to break into tears when faced with even the slightest resistance or discomfort. At one point, she also pleaded the Bigg Boss to let her out of the house because she can't take it anymore. 


However, Archana's status on the show underwent a drastic change following the eviction of popular contestant Pradeep. She was opposed to Pradeep's eviction and was very vocal about it. This issue provided her an ample platform to showcase her debating skills, striking a strong chord with the viewers of the show. 

Archana's popularity shot to a whole new level as she continued to debate the rights and wrongs in Pradeep's controversial eviction. And she continued to build her reputation on her new-found popularity, giving other contestants a run for their money. 

The finale of Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 will start streaming on Disney+Hotstsar on Sunday from 6PM onwards.

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