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Birthday Chit-Chat: At the age of four years, I received a complete police officer uniform as a gift, says Gashmeer Mahajani

The actor was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

Birthday Chit-Chat: At the age of four years, I received a complete police officer uniform as a gift, says Gashmeer Mahajani
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 03.20 PM, Jun 08, 2023


After having made his showbiz debut with ‘Muskurake Dekh Zara’, the hunky Gashmeer Mahajani went onto win the hearts of the audiences with performances in shows like ‘Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal’, ‘Shrikant Bashir’, ‘Panipat’, ‘Mala Kahich Problem Nahi’, 'Tu Zakhm Hai S2', and many others.

On the occasion of his birthday, OTTplay caught up with the actor in order to know more about his plans for the big day.

Hi Gashmeer! Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday. Tell us with whom are you spending your special day?
My mother, sister, wife and my kid. That’s all! Because, they are the ones to whim I have given the least amount of time. So, this is just one evening, I can make sure that I can sit at home, relax and I can chat with them about stuff which is not related to work. So, I think for me, the most comfortable thing to do is to sit with them at home and just, chat, chit chat and relax and unwind and catch up on the lost time.

Can you recall about the birthdays that you have had during your childhood?
During my childhood birthdays, I was absolutely captivated by the police officers, to the extent that at the age of four, I received a complete police officer uniform as a gift. I cherished it so much that for an entire month, I refused to take it off, proudly wearing it every single day. From my birthday until the following one and a half months, you would only find me dressed as a police officer! It's a vivid memory from my childhood that now echoes in my son, as he too clings tightly to his superhero outfit, making it incredibly difficult to convince him to take it off.

Do you remember any of the birthday gift/s that you had received during your growing up years?
The memories of my past birthdays are somewhat hazy, as I don't recall much about them. However, in recent years, my birthdays have taken on a whole new level of significance due to the incredible outpouring of love and gifts from my devoted fans. The monetary value attached to the gifts doesn't matter; whether big or small, it's the heartfelt gesture itself that truly touches me. These past four years have been particularly extraordinary as fans who appreciate and admire my work express their affection through these thoughtful offerings on my special day.

That’s amazing…
Yes, it is. It's a testament to the impact my work has had on their lives, serving as a validation of my creative endeavours. From simple token gifts like greeting cards to more elaborate presents, the generosity and support I receive are nothing short of amazing. Some fans even go the extra mile to send requests along with their gifts. What I want to emphasize is that the price tag of the gift holds little importance as compared to the genuine sentiment behind it. The gesture itself is what truly matters and brings me immense satisfaction.

Have you ever gifted anything to anyone on their birthday that is still evergreen in your memory?
No, mostly I have had been working in the last 10/15 years! So… not really.

How would you describe your birthday state of mind?
I think it's very positive. I think it's like every birthday looks like the beginning of the same chapter and I have a lot to do on my birthday. If I'm sitting with my family, we talk about myself, my projects they give me some suggestions we talk about life. So, I'm very pumped up in my birthday.

Tell us reasons or the situations which would make you smile…
When I walk into the house after a long schedule of work, the reaction of my son- my 4-year-old boy, is what puts a smile on my face. That is simply priceless. The way he runs and just hugs me and then doesn’t leave me for the next 20 minutes without saying a single word… is priceless. I think that puts a big smile on my face.

If you had to look back in time and had an option of shifting gears and changing your career, would you be doing that?
No, I don't think so. I think cinema is the only thing that identified. If not, cinema I don't think I would have any identity apart from this. So that is what I want to do, be associated with cinema in any capacity.

Have you planned for the life ahead after today?
Yeah. There is. Obviously, there's a benchmark for the next 20 years. And every five years there is a benchmark that we have set for ourselves. Same is the case with my life as well. So, I have set it for myself. But I don’t think I’ll announce it because usually my mother gets upset whenever I announce my projects or plan, she's like don't announce everything so soon as I give it some time. But every five-year plan which has been planned out, has worked out.

Tell us about one thing which no one knows about you?
One thing that no one knows about me is that I'm extremely lazy. I don't like to work out. People tend to call me a fitness freak but honestly… I hate it.