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Birthday Chit Chat with Kritika Kamra | EXCLUSIVE

The petite actress Kritika Kamra, who was recently seen in the hard hitting ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’, was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay on the occasion of her birthday

Birthday Chit Chat with Kritika Kamra | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 02.51 PM, Oct 25, 2023


Today is actress Kritika Kamra’s birthday. Best known for her roles in shows like ‘Reporters’ (Ananya), ‘Kitani Mohabbat Hai’ (where she played the memorable role of Aarohi), Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (as Dr. Nidhi), she recently stole everyone’s hearts and attention with her splendid portrayal of a gangster’s sister in the hard-hitting series ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’. On the occasion of her birthday, OTTplay caught up with the actress wherein she spoke about memories associated with her birthday and many other things. Over to you, Kritika…

Since it's your birthday, it goes without saying that you're spending your birthday with your special people. Do you mind telling us who these special people are with whom you will be spending your birthday?
I don't have my parents in town this year. So, that’s why I'm going to be spending time with my brother Rahul and some close friends. I can't disclose their names. But you can see them on my Instagram profile (laughs). I really don’t know who all will show up. (laughs again).

If you jog down the memory lane, what is it that you would like to recall about the birthdays that you have had during your childhood?
I love going through my old pictures. I remember a bit about my fourth birthday and my fifth birthday… the times when I was home with my family as a kid. I remember my mother organizing things and making everything from scratch! Whether it was the cake, or food, everything was made at home by her! And she also made my birthday presents every year. Because, in the small town that we lived back then, there were no there was no way to get any baby presents. My mother’s very creative and fashionable. So, she always made sure that I was in those beautiful, girly dresses with matching accessories. And she used to handmade and tailor all of them, which is indeed very special even today. As I said earlier, I simply love looking at those photographs!

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Do you remember any of the birthday gifts that you had received during your growing up years?
When I was young, my parents used to get me lots of toys, Barbies and similar stuff. And, when I moved to Mumbai, my parents gifted me a pair of diamond earrings for one of my birthdays, which are very special to me, because they were an expensive gift. And my parents waited for my birthday to come and chose to give me on that day! They are so special to me that I have saved them. And I hardly ever wear them because I've been scared of even losing them. I don't want to lose them because they are beyond whatever the price to pay. They're absolutely invaluable to me.

Tell us reasons/ situations which will make you smile?
A surprise call from somebody with whom have not connected with in a long time is what makes me smile. Besides that, its good food that again makes me happy and makes me smile. I think that food is the ultimate mode of uplifter. Any random act of kindness that people show to you… be it in a public place or somewhere else, really makes me smile and reaffirms my faith in humanity. And the fact that we are essentially good people wanting to do good things. Also, when people are special to me and spend time with me, that also really makes me feel very fortunate and makes me smile, because time is the ultimate gift. There is nothing better than quality time spent with people and people who make time for other people and people who make time for me and prioritize me. They make me believe that they love me. And of course, being loved is a great feeling. All of these always make me smile.

If you had to look back in time and had an option of shifting gears and changing your career, would you be doing that?
I don't think so. Because it would not lead me to where I am today. And then, I feel like looking into the past, having these regrets is kind of futile. Life only goes in one direction and that's forward and one should keep looking forward. There's no point in ruminating over the past. But, if there's one thing that I could do, then, it would be that, if I knew I wanted to become an actor, I would have definitely trained for it. But hey! I have tried to make up for it by doing various workshops)!

How would you describe your ‘birthday state of mind’?
As for my birthday state of mind, it's the first time that I'm not very excited about my birthday. I'm feeling a lot at peace and feeling very stable. And yes, I am also feeling very okay. I want it to be a low-key day. Trust me, it's the first time that I'm feeling this way. I guess it's a sign of growing up!

Since it's your birthday, tell us about one thing which no one knows about you?
No one knows about me? Well… if it’s about something that no one knows about me, then, they should not know it. Right! (laughs)

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