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Black Panther spin-off series Eyes Of Wakanda confirmed; here’s the synopsis and what to expect!

Marvel Studios surprised fans by announcing Eyes Of Wakanda, a special animated spin-off series of Black Panther. 

Black Panther spin-off series Eyes Of Wakanda confirmed; here’s the synopsis and what to expect!
Chadwick Boseman As Black Panther

Last Updated: 03.12 PM, Dec 13, 2023


While the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has a fandom that is religiously dedicated to it, nothing can match the emotional quotient that the Black Panther standalone rides on. Be it Chadwick Boseman’s sudden goodbye or the emotional way the studio chose to give T’Challa a send-off with Ryan Coogler, everything made the loyal fanbase cry and Wakanda Forever became a mantra rather than a movie title. Now, what if we tell you that the studio is taking the world of Wakanda ahead in a way you couldn't even imagine? Make way for Eyes Of Wakanda. 

What Did Marvel Studios Just Announce?

While all the attention at the moment in the MCU is on What If...? that is up for release this month, no one was prepared for the new updates that have come out from the Marvel mill. While the first surprise was that the studio renamed Spider-Man: Freshman Year as Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the second and biggest of the two was that they are developing a spin-off animated series to Black Panther, Eyes Of Wakanda. 

About Eyes Of Wakanda:

Eyes Of Wakanda will stream on Disney+, mostly under the Marvel Spotlight banner. The studio has not just confirmed the show but has even churned out an official synopsis for it. As per Comic Book Movie, the official synopsis states, "Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artefacts. This is their story."

What To Expect:

This is a hint that Eyes Of Wakanda will take us to the roots of this settlement and the community. The show will travel through Black Panther’s history and trace all the predecessors to the throne before T’Challa and T’Chaka. This also hints at the fact that they can even tease the future of the mantle, considering Shuri is now the Black Panther and T’Challa’s son also exists in the same timeline. 


Who Is The Showrunner?

There is no update on who the showrunner or the director will be. However, so far, Ryan Coogler has proved himself to be the man able to shape this IP most endearingly and movingly. It won’t be a surprise if his name pops up as one of the main men behind the scenes on this show. The studio is right now developing the idea and updates will follow as they progress. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films

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